Airbnb Host Programme: the Guide to your Home Sharing

Airbnb - Host Programme
Over the centuries, man has travelled due to commercial interests, religious motives and military expeditions, often finding refuge and hospitality in villages, castles and monasteries. The birth of "pleasure trips" is, however, traced back to the Grand Tour, where families planned organised trips to Europe between the 17th and 18th centuries, identifying as the first form of tourism!

Along comes Airbnb in the 21st century, revolutionising the world of travelling. This new dimension connects the travelling guest and private owners of vacation homes in a profitable win-win situation. The principle is simple and was implemented in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk in the form of an online platform where homeowners across the globe could list their accommodations for guests to book. The usual hotel rooms and traditional accommodation has become obsolete, as Airbnb has started a new era of low-cost guestroom brokerage, which you can be a part of by becoming a host!


Becoming an Airbnb host
There are currently 2.9 million Airbnb hosts worldwide, with 14k new hosts joining the business every month because it’s so easy and safe! There is no cost to sign up, plus Airbnb’s average fee per reservation is just 3%. Once you’re set up as a host, you could start earning a potential £1,610 a month! To help choose the right price for your accommodation, you can use Airbnb’s free tool to discover the standard costs and demands that relate to your listing. Safety and trust between host and guests is a must, which is why setting restrictions and outlining house rules that the lodger has to adhere to, is encouraged by Airbnb. We all know accidents can happen and, as a host, you want to feel confident in renting out your home. The Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance, which is all included in the setup, will cover any property damage or civil liability issues that could occur for up to $1 million. Airbnb customer service is always on hand for anything you may need, with their 24/7 global customer support. You also have access to your account through the app, where you can communicate with your guests, make changes to listings and much more, all on the go. So you can be rest assured that you are 100% covered when hosting on Airbnb, wherever you may be.


“Welcome to my humble abode”
Where is Airbnb? Just about everywhere! In over 191 countries and more than 81,000 cities, there are 3 million holiday homes available for guests to book! Airbnb is a business that is about creating a world where everyone can feel at home across the globe. Are we not residents of the entire world, no matter where we go? We all know how it feels to be welcomed with open arms in a homey, clean and comfortable home, which is the essence of an Airbnb host. You can decide how involved you want to be with your guests, whether it’s only meet and greets, acting as a tour guide, or just simply leaving them to their own devices to enjoy the comfort of your home. Introducing visitors to the best local spots and secret gems within your surroundings has been quite common in the Airbnb hosting community. It brings people together from all walks of life, helping us learn and grow by sharing life experiences and stories, building relationships and creating unforgettable memories.


Far from the usual hotel and lodging business
Out of the ordinary. That’s what Airbnb accommodation has often been described as. Whether you have a spare room available in your home, an entire holiday home abroad or even an empty treehouse, you can choose to list an extensive variety of any conceivable dwelling, as Airbnb aims to offer a multitude of diverse living spaces, including houseboats, bungalows and even castles. So if you have a spare castle that you’re not currently occupying, why not start earning from it by becoming an Airbnb host!

Sign up as an Airbnb host now! Join the booming industry and earn money alongside gaining new experiences from interacting with a variety of occupants that reside in your spare living space!

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