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We’ve had a spring like no other in living memory and whichever way the summer goes, one thing is certain, once autumn arrives we will have to go back to some sort of routine, whether it be the same everyday life as ever or the so-called new normal. 

Children will have to attend school again, adults will have to go back to work and one way or another, we will all have to find our comfort zone one more time. With so much uncertainty surrounding us, there is something reassuring about the fact that school attendance will be compulsory again from the start of the next school year, even if it’s still unclear what the actual practicalities of social distancing and other matters will be. 

This all means that the time has come to get ready for when your child returns to school, which is why we have prepared this guide with the best deals on back to school shopping. Before telling you exactly where to go for back to school shopping for clothes, though, let’s deal with the elephant in the room, namely, when are children expected back in the classroom across the UK? 


When Do Kids Go Back To School in the UK?

When do kids go back to school

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As you probably know, the answer to this question depends on where you are. If you are living in Scotland, your children will be expected at school sometime in mid-August. In fact, the government has announced that all schools will be opening full-time from the 11th of the month, and while distancing measures are currently considered unnecessary, schools could fall back to a blended teaching model should things change in the immediate future. 

The situation is similar if you are reading from Northern Ireland, where school pupils are expected back on 17 August. Meanwhile, in Wales and in England schools are expected to remain closed for the summer holidays until September, which sounds far away but is really around the corner.

If you’re wondering what your children will be expected to bring to school once regular classes start, the government has already explained that pupils should wear a school uniform as normal, and bring the essential gear to complete their schooling, such as lunch boxes, books, stationery and mobile phones. In other words, there you have your school supply list ready for you. Now all you need is to take a look at the discount codes we have highlighted for you below to get your shopping list done at the very best prices.  


What Are the Best Stores for Back to School Supplies?

School uniform deals

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Once upon a time, you’d need to rush all about town chasing after the best back to school sales for stationery, clothes and such. Luckily, you no longer need to ask yourself where can I get school supplies near me? All you need to do to profit from the most competitive prices in the market is browse the Internet and be savvy with your spending. So where should you go to get your school essentials? Here are a few suggestions:

They say you can’t build a house from the roof down, so let’s start right at the bottom with your child’s shoes. We all know the staggering rate at which kids can go through, well, just about anything, really, but let’s focus on footwear for the time being. 

If you’re looking for durable, high-quality everyday shoes for the little ones, you should take a look at these Clarks back to school discount codes. The range of kids' school shoes at Clarks includes several options for boys and girls, from flare leather shoes for toddlers to black patent brogues or the mood-changing gemstone bar-design flats for girls. 

When it comes to sports shoes, you’ll struggle to beat the school deals Foot Locker have made available for you. Whether you’re looking for a specific brand, such as Adidas, Nike or Converse, or you’re fishing for a bargain for your kids, this is the place to be. Get your teenagers all geared up for when schools reopen with a set of trendy trainers and have them look their best.

Great shoes do not a full school uniform make, though. Regardless of whether you’re looking for gear for primary schools or secondary schools, your one-stop-shop for all your back to school clothes needs is right here, with these great Debenhams promo codes. Get all the schoolwear you need, from skirts and dresses to shirts, cardigans and waterproof hooded jackets in a single place at exceptional prices.   

For older children and young adults, a good alternative when it comes to school uniforms could be these Ideal World fashion promotions. In terms of value for money, you won’t find a better deal on the Internet, and you can buy your shirts, trousers or shoes from them online, fully confident in the knowledge that what you get is exactly what you see on TV.  


The Best Advice to Buy Cheap Back to School Stationery and Hardware?

Back to school supplies

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When your kids go back to their year groups and start their lessons, they will need to be prepared for the challenges ahead. From pencils to tablets, you need to get a whole load of shopping done ahead of the beginning of term. Here’s a breakdown of where you can get what:


Back to School Stationery Deals

From pencil cases to their lunch box, colouring pens and other school essentials, take a look at the best voucher codes we have highlighted for you. Make the most of the back to school discounts at The Works and get all your stationery in a single place. Whether you’re after a maths set with compass, 180 protractor, sharpener and eraser, or you need a batch of colouring pencils, they have your back at The Works.

A British classic for all ages, WHSmith offers a wide range of discounts on essential stationery too. Not only do they have great discounts on coloring pens, sketching pencils, notepads and sketchbooks, they also have an enormous clearance section where you can access thousands of bargains. 

If you want your stationery to have a unique feel to it, then these Typo promotions are made for you. Funky diaries, out of the ordinary student planners and cool accessories for your children’s desks are all available at Typo. Plus, you can also get stylish school backpacks, pencil cases and even laptop bags for superb prices.


Best Deals on Laptops, Tablets and Other Electronics

Technology is here to stay, and with the growing likelihood of remote learning being adopted at least partially once schools start in September, there’s every reason to update your children’s software and hardware accessories. With the Microsoft back to school offers, you can save when you get the 365 programme or even browse for the latest 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop.

If you’re looking for a more robust traditional laptop from one of the most highly reputed manufacturers in the market then you can’t miss these Lenovo discount codes. While you’re at it, you might as well check out their great range of Chromebooks too, slim, sleek and perfect for work, school and downtime.

One last tip from the Bravo Savings Network family to get you ready for the return to school: take a look at the Samsung deals we have outlined for you and earn major savings when you get a new phone for your child. The Samsung Galaxy is as famous as any other phone in the world, but when you shop online at Samsung you can also browse their line of notebooks, personal computer and monitors to build the perfect home office for your child.

Whether you need help sorting out your little ones’ uniforms or providing them with all the tools they need to thrive next term, now you know where to go to get the best deals in town.


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