Easter From Home 2020

A Fresh Perspective On Preparing For A Hearty Homey Easter 2020

Easter 2020 is fast approaching. We are home with family, with loved ones, with friends or on our own, and we realise that this Easter is going to be different. Our trusty shops, restaurants, pubs and theatres have their closed signs hung in closed doorways, reminding us that we must approach this Easter with more creative energy than ever before! With more and more people ordering online, it’s absolutely crucial to get organised early this year. Take advantage of the incredible benefits and discounts available and do this year's Easter shopping online from the comfort and safety of your homes. 

So When Is Easter 2020? 

This year, Easter will fall on Sunday the 12th of April, with Good Friday on the 10th of April and Easter Monday on April the 13th. Traditionally, in Christianity, Easter Sunday was considered a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion. Whatever your beliefs may be, Easter is the perfect time for reflection. It comes just as spring emerges from the dark cold winter. As we emerge from our wintery hibernation, we feel refreshed, renewed and revived. This is a great time to start afresh and look for new and improved ways to approach life. This year, with self-isolation upon us, we have to dig a little deeper and look for even more inventive ideas and things to do on Easter Sunday at home. We have the opportunity to slow down, take more time and make it count. We simply need to adjust our perspective and do things a little differently. 

We at Bravovoucher.co.uk know that you need a helping hand on how to make Easter fun from home on a budget. This is why we have put together some inspiring suggestions on ways to enjoy the Easter holidays 2020 without having to set foot out of your front door.

Easter Entertainment For Small, Medium And Large Eggs

With the internet readily available, we can easily find the best Easter egg offers online, discover the best Easter egg delivery services and invent the ultimate Easter egg hunt! Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg deals are a great shout for gorgeous Easter eggs! If you have little ones or big ones, you definitely don’t need to check when the Easter school holidays are this year as, for the kids, every day is a holiday now that schools are closed! We know this brings with it tremendous joy but also new challenges in keeping them stimulated and entertained. If your family are into Easter games, why not search for a fun activity to enjoy at home and guarantee a fun-filled Easter weekend 2020.  

Easter Egg painting

Source: Unsplash


If you have smaller children, you can try the infamous Bunny hop or help them create a beautiful Easter basket. If you have older ones, why not try some egg painting, Easter bingo or look on Youtube for educational Easter games and activities. John Lewis up to 50% off Arts & Crafts promotions are the perfect way to go if you are missing some bits and bobs for both big and little ones! If they are a little older and take their art a bit more seriously, why not order some Easter arts and crafts supplies with an up to 70% off Cass Art discount and get them delivered speedily to your home. If your kids are less creative and more chaotic, you can always rely on some good old-fashioned toys. With up to 70% off on Argos toys, order now and get them something that will keep them busy over Easter.

Easter Recipe Ideas & Spring Gardening Tips

If you are drawn more towards cooking, then search online for some interesting Easter recipes and try your hand at classic Easter hot cross buns this year. You could even decorate those plain old boring chocolate eggs using coloured icing sugar to make them look extra special! You can order all of your chocolatey and foody desires with the amazing Morrisons offers handpicked for an Easter feast to be proud of. Alternatively, if you prefer your food to arrive pre-prepared, up to 40% off Graze discount codes are a great option. Subscribe, pick your favourite meals and order fresh delicious goodies delivered to your door or treat a loved one and get it delivered it to them this Easter!

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, why not dedicate some time for spring seed planting with one of our many Suttons Seeds offers. Order your veg or flower seeds and have them delivered to your door. Get outside and make a day of it! Fun for you and all the family!

Things To Do At Home For Easter - Online Courses

If you are in need of something to stimulate your creativity during this time spent at home, why not look for an online course? We at Bravovoucher.co.uk think it’s important to keep the mind stimulated, which is why we have teamed up with Centre of Excellence to bring you an exclusive 70% off all online courses! This will provide you with a unique opportunity to invest the additional time you currently have into something you feel passionately about whilst looking after your savings.

Perhaps you are looking to improve your English, in which case check out an English course online. Maybe you want to improve your computer skills or Microsoft Office knowledge, in which case look for an Excel Course or an Accounting Course online. If you are more of a creative soul, then why not see if you can start that online graphic design course or online interior design course you have been dreaming of. With current circumstances and the global crisis we are facing, looking for care courses online may be a really good career move and well worth investing in. Distance learning is at a record high and with good reason. Sign up now and make the absolute most of this home learning promotion while you still have the time and energy to devote to the online course of your dreams.

However you decide to celebrate and enjoy your Easter weekend, we hope you love our ideas, deals and Easter offers.

For more on how to organise yourselves from home, check out our special page #UKStayStrong and read up on even more tips for how to live life to the fullest from home!

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