Father's Day 2020. Discover the Best Gift Ideas and Presents for a Memorable Day

Father's Day Gift Ideas and Presents to Make this Day Extra Special 

Sometimes it seems like there is a day to celebrate absolutely everything on this planet, and you might think to yourself ‘what’s the point?’ But once you give it some consideration, it really makes sense. After all, everyone likes to get a bit of credit for the things they do right, and once in a while a pat on the back is not just reassuring, it’s actually really nice. That’s why we have put together this guide to the best Father’s Day ideas to help you to make this a day to remember for your father and for the rest of the family. 

So let’s start at the beginning: When is Father’s Day 2020? This might seem like a pretty basic place to start, and sure enough it is, but you need to walk before you can learn to run, and if you don’t get the date right you’re either going to make memorable an altogether different day, or you’re going to miss the big day. The tricky part of remembering when Father’s Day falls is that the date changes year after year, even though it’s always the third Sunday of the month of June. That means that this calendar year Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday 21st June, 2020.

Now that we know what day is Father’s Day let’s sink our teeth into the meaty bit and work out how to make it a day like no other for your dad. Whether you can have some family time all together on that Sunday or even if you are forced to be apart, we’re giving you plenty of ideas for Father’s Day gifts and cards to make the old man understand just how important he is in your life. 

Original and Unique Father’s Day Present Ideas

When it comes to Father’s Day presents it often doesn’t really matter how much you spend on your gift. It can be something lush and extravagant, but it can also be a thoughtful detail, a personalised gift, or the right message in your card. At the end of the day, it’s all about showing appreciation and making your pops feel the love. 

Father and child hand in hand

For instance, if you know someone who is a father and who loves coffee, you can take advantage of the amazing Nespresso Father’s Day deals available at the moment and get them a subscription for them to have all the coffee they need through the month or even longer. Plus, you could even get them their own coffee machine for an extra £1. Now how’s that for an affordable personalised Father's Day token!

The key to getting the right gifts for dad is putting yourself in their shoes. It’s not about what you like, it’s about what they love (which has always made you impossibly embarrassed, but guess what: it’s time to grow up!). Perhaps your father has a deep affection for coins, in which case you’d be well advised to check out the Father’s Day offers for The Royal Mint. Their selection of special coins to celebrate the occasion includes themed items from Bond movies, commemorative items on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and many more.

Just because they are fathers doesn’t mean they can’t still be geeks. In fact, often the two come hand-in-hand. And maybe they are from that generation they call X, which seems to be inexplicably obsessed with Star Wars. In that case, you can get unique gifts with these DisneyShop special deals, including Star Wars-themed toys and accessories at unbeatable prices.  

Not to get too harsh on any particular age bracket but if your father is part of the notorious Generation X there’s every likelihood he either is, was or just pretends to be a fan of skateboarding. Indulge in his passion for a day and turn back the clock with these Vans deals. He’s probably never going to use them on a skateboard, but they are timeless shoes at great value, and if wearing them brings a sense of vitality that makes him feel better, who are you to judge (apart from his offspring, obviously, but that’s even more reason to make him happy). 

Tech-Savvy Father’s Day Present Ideas

Adventures with Dad

Father’s Day is the perfect time to get your folks to join the technology bandwagon. For the longest time you have been trying to get your dad to buy a smartphone, while he obstinately holds on to an old device. Well, this is your chance because with a Carphone Warehouse discount code you’ll be able to usher your father into the 21st century without risking losing an arm and a leg in the process. Plus, we all know he’ll become addicted to his smartphone once he works out how to use it, so it’s a win-win situation!

While we talk tech, why not get ambitious? Check out the great Dell Father’s Day deals and make life easier for yourself and your old man with a single purchase. Whether it’s a laptop, a desktop or a tablet, Dell computers are super reliable, and they will bring a breath of fresh air to your father’s home office.

Unless you know for a fact your dad is never going to sit behind a desk for more than 10 minutes. Maybe he’s more the kind to hit the road and drive for hours. In which case you can still introduce him to the wonders of technology. Get him a satnav, a dash cam or a DAB car stereo and pay just a fraction of the RRP with these exceptional Halfords discounts.  

Great Father's Day Card Ideas

Personalised gifts are great, but they are far from the only solution when it comes to making your old man happy on Father’s Day. And even if you do get him something nice, cards and gifts come in tandems, so you still have to make sure you get the right Father’s Day cards too. Browse the selection of WHSmith special offers and get an original Father's Day card to go with your personalised gifts just for the occasion. 

You know something else that makes for a beautiful touch on Father’s day? Photo gifts! Put a sweet family moment to great use with a Snapfish promo code. All you need to do is upload your photo and you can have it printed on mugs, calendars, or photo cards. Plus, of course, you can also have it printed in whatever size and material you choose. This way you’ll make certain your pops doesn’t actually forget about you!

There you have it, our best guess at what can make this a memorable Father’s Day. If you have come this far and you’re still uninspired all we can say is, good luck to you! That and a cheeky last resort: should all else fail, try these House of Malt ideas. Combine a hearty single-malt with your graze healthy snacks, and you might have a winner. After all, back to the basics is often the best plan


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