Get Ready for Christmas with the Perfect Christmas Box

The jingles have returned, the carols are ringing from street to street and the lights are out with a vengeance. All the signs are there to tell you what you already know. It's cold and damp and the days are so short you hardly get to see the sun at all. Christmas is back, in full bloom, with all the joy and excitement it brings as well as the burdens. Because nothing is perfect and you have to take the good with the bad, so you look forward to the festivities, even if you hate the fruit cake, and you get excited about some pretty outlandish Christmas present ideas you have lined up, even though you know someone will inevitably take the easy way out and put your name tag on a pair of socks. But that's OK, because the best part of Christmas is giving, not receiving, and you kind of need those new socks anyway!


Get Ready for Christmas: Shop Wisely

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As the concept of Christmas has evolved over the last century or two, the festivity, which once had a much stronger spiritual component, has taken a distinctly commercial turn, almost becoming a celebration of the power to buy. The impact of Christmas in the economy is absolutely essential for a vast majority of retailers to have a good year, and the symbolic gesture of presenting someone with a token to celebrate the birth of Christ has developed a life of its own, far outstripping in importance the very event that it should be commemorating. 

Of course, the power to buy is also closely connected to the power to buy correctly, the capacity you have to surprise people, to delight them and make them happy merely by presenting a gift to them that they perhaps didn't expect or didn't even know they wanted. But buying the perfect gift doesn't necessarily have to mean buying the most expensive present around. With their pricey cost, you may not think diamonds could be anyone's best friend especially not your wallet's! But with our selection of Christmas deals on jewellery, you're sure to find major savings.

The name of the game, really, is finding the right fit for each person you're buying gifts for, and the perfect fit is the one that brings more joy, not the one that costs more money. That's where being clever counts more than being wealthy. So what exactly is it that you should be getting your loved ones this year? Here's a brief guide with fabulous Christmas present ideas to help you solve the conundrum


Christmas Box, the New Tradition

Christmas box ideas

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Over the past few years, Christmas boxes have been all the rave, that unavoidable topic of conversation that seemingly everyone ends up talking about. But what is a Christmas box? Well, the name itself is pretty self-explanatory: it's a box—yes, really—that you fill with presents and give on Christmas Eve. And that, of course, is where the innovative part of it comes into play because instead of having to wait until Christmas Day, the Christmas box brings the joy of present-opening to the dinner table on Christmas Eve. But why? In the end, is this just bringing forward the present-opening ceremony by 12 hours? Or are we to make two presents for Christmas instead of one, one for the Christmas box and another for the Christmas stocking?

The idea is absolutely not to replace the anticipation and the excitement of Christmas Day. If anything, the Christmas box adds to the rituals of Christmas, rather than subtracting from them. The claims that the Christmas box is nothing but a commercial gimmick to double the number of gifts and therefore the expense required to get through the Christmas period are as unkind as they are off the mark. The Christmas box is adding a second part to present-opening procedures and besides, the sort of presents included in a Christmas box are always going to be completely different to the type of presents you will find in your stocking on Christmas Day. 

Anyway, realistically speaking, you're already giving several presents to your most loved ones. All the Christmas box is doing is removing that awkward moment when you open your brand new pair of socks on Christmas Day and you fail to express the same sort of excitement as your niece, whom you've treated to the latest LEGO set thanks to our great LEGO discount codes. If you want our frank opinion, we would leave socks altogether out of your Christmas shop. We'd be far more interested in what the sock goes in! Why not gift a fabulous pair of chucks at a discount with one of these Converse offers?  In case you should disregard our advice, there's no denying that just before or after the Christmas dinner would be a much better moment to get those blessed socks out of the way than right in the middle of the Christmas Day ecstasy. 


What Should Go In My Christmas Box?

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That really depends on how liberal you want to be, but a good place to start might be getting an actual box that looks the part. Don't stress yourself too much trying to find a box like this, just grab one of our Amazon Christmas discount codes and profit from the unbelievable convenience that is buying in the world's best-stocked online shop.  

Now that you have the right box, it's time to do this for real. One great place to start for your Christmas box is at our health and beauty dealsHead over to our LOOKFANTASTIC Christmas deals section and get inspiration for Christmas gifts for the family. Their huge selection of products covers just about everything you could possibly think of from makeup to curlers to beard shaving kits to fragrances. You can get gifts for the whole family on just one site! 

If you're looking for clothes, you'd be silly not to check out the Roman Originals deals we've found. They know what the modern woman is looking for when it comes to fashion and their fantastic design team keep up with the latest trends. Not only that, the range is available in sizes 10-22!

Another brilliant and pragmatic idea is slipping gift certificates inside the Christmas box. If you aren't too sure on what to get a loved one but you know your budget, why not allow them the freedom of choosing for themselves? You can get gift certificates in a great number of online retailers, so perhaps you would like to explore our M&S Christmas offers or you could get an EE Christmas voucher that allows someone special in your life to save when they buy a new phone. 

Do you know what is always an appealing idea? Vacation on Christmas. Now, whether or not this is the most appropriate suggestion for a Christmas box is debatable, but while we're daydreaming why not head to our TUI page and start exploring the possibility of jetting off to somewhere warm in total style. With our TUI Christmas deals and out discount codes you'll be able to do so and still have enough left to pay for your accommodation and for the Christmas box you'll leave resting by the Christmas tree! 


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