Give Yourself a Boost on May Day 2020

May Day Deals 2020: Boost Your Morale and Look After Your Wallet 

This May Day is shaping up to be unlike any other experienced in living memory but that's no reason to cancel the celebrations. In the face of adversity, we're suggesting you do what us Brits do best: adapt to the circumstances and carry on with life the best we can.

That's why we've put together this list of suggestions for your shopping this May Day holiday 2020. Who says you need to leave the house to replenish your wardrobe? Spring is here, whether on lockdown or otherwise, and that only means one thing: it's time to update your spring apparel. As well as some savvy tips on fashion, we've outlined some fantastic furniture deals, and now that you're spending so much time at home, delectable grocery deals that can be delivered straight to you, small kitchen appliance deals so you feel like a pro when cooking those meals, and much more.

May Day and Memorial Day Sales: What's the Difference? 

Maypole dancing

You might have noticed many online retailers advertising Memorial Day sales during the days and weeks preceding May Day. That's because, in the United States, 1 May is also a bank holiday, except they don't call it May Day, they call it Memorial Day.

In fact, the difference between May Day and Memorial Day isn't just a matter of semantics: they actually pay tribute to different things.

It's a pretty complicated affair but it's also rather interesting. Here's the lowdown: May Day is a traditional holiday celebrated all over Europe on the first day of May. Its origins hark all the way back to the days when the seasons dictated everyday life and tasks such as harvesting.

May Day celebrates spring though it's also considered the unofficial start of the summer. Commemorative events, such as big bonfires, are organised and the traditional Maypole is brought out and decorated with symbols of the local trade and produce. In the 19th century, 1 May was chosen by the Second International as the day when the proletarians of the world would get together and celebrate International Workers' Day.

This entwining of a collective celebration, embraced by everyone, with a political festivity closely associated with the communist party, became too irksome for the United States' government, so since 1970 the Memorial Day holiday has been moved from the last weekend of May to the first. Consequently, the unofficial start of the summer in the United States is Memorial Day, while Labor Day, celebrated around the world on May Day, in the USA marks the unofficial start of autumn on the first weekend of September. Such are the complications of this world.

The good news is that regardless of what you call it, 1 May usually brings lots of sun, the prospect of a long, hot summer and best of all, many irresistible sales. With so many deals, though, it's often hard to decide where to start from. This is where we come to play our part because we are the specialists when it comes to discount codes and online promotions. We have the most comprehensive selection of deals for you this holiday weekend. Even if you have to stay put at home, you can still go shopping from the comfort of your living room and get some fabulous bargains. Check out the fashion May Day deals we have outlined for you with unbelievable offers for men and women alike. So let's get down to business, shall we?

Feeling Selfish? Treat Yourself on May Day 2020    

New spring wardrobe

One thing to remember this May Day bank holiday is that, perhaps more than ever, it's fine to be selfish and pamper yourself. Yes, we're all on lockdown and leaving the house suddenly feels like a wild act of rebellion but that is precisely why shopping online is so great: you can get anything you want with a single click. With summer (un)officially here and the hope that someday we'll all finally be able to return to our routine, this is a great moment to freshen up your look.

Check out the great ASOS May Day offers we have listed for you and profit from the extended free-returns policy they have adopted for you to enjoy your shopping in the knowledge that it's as safe as ever. ASOS have an extensive collection of own products for both men and women and the list of brands they stock is basically an A–Z of fashion.  

If you're looking for a nice summer dress you should also consider exploring our Boohoo discount codes. They have also extended the returns period, just for your peace of mind and, in view of the current situation, they have upped their game in the loungewear section, making certain you have a generous selection of stylish loungewear at the best prices to take it up a notch, even when you're staying in. Don't forget that BoohooMAN offers a comparable selection of deals and discounts on their vast collection of menswear for all occasions!

Now that you have the outfit, all you need is the shoes. Yes, even if you're lounging about, you can't hang out in your slippers all day. That doesn't mean you have to wear stiletto heels either (unless you absolutely want to, of course) but there is a nice compromise in the middle. Check out these unmissable DC Shoes discounts for May Day and get your comfy footwear from the coolest retailers in town.

(Home, Sweet) Home Improvement Deals for May Day 2020

Home improvement

We're all spending more time at home than ever before so upgrade, upgrade, upgrade is the motto right now. The first thing you need to take care of is your furniture because that old couch is going to give up the ghost any time now. Take a look at these fantastic Ideal World furniture deals and get yourself a settee, a comfortable armchair to do your reading or a nice leather couch for less. We understand that priorities are priorities, though, and if you feel like your mattress should get the nod ahead of any of the stuff in the communal areas, then these BedWorld spring offers are practically made for you. Choose your mattress, bed frame or headboard, get them delivered for free and sleep like a log on your brand new bed. See, the lockdown isn't all bad!

But let's not kid ourselves, with all this time on our hands, we're inevitably going to end up eating way too much way too often. Since there's no getting out of this, here's what we propose: make the most of our Argos discount codes and get your small kitchen appliances, from a hand and stand mixer to coffee machines, for increased performance in your cooking. Clearly, you will need to get recipes and ingredients to actually cook but you know what, we've got your back there too. Delve into our Morrisons grocery deals and get everything you need to boost your skills as a chef. While you're at it, you might consider getting a bunch of frozen meals you can fall back on, in case things don't go according to plan!

There you have it, a world of suggestions to make you think back fondly of the lockdown in years to come as a time of joy when you became an expert cook and interior designer!  

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