How To Make Your Shopping Sustainable

Drought in southern Africa, hurricane Dorian wreaking havoc in the Bahamas, the Polar vortex, an extreme cyclone reaping death in Japan, floodings in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, no matter how you look at it, it seems there's been a new natural disaster just about every week in 2019. And yet, if a scale can be attributed to catastrophe, then the most devastating of all has been the fires, wild and man-made, that through most of the summer ravaged the Amazon Forest. More than 70,000 fires raged at one point across Brazil, Peru and Bolivia over the summer months, an increase of approximately 80% year on year and the largest amount in a decade, according to National Geographic

Local Actions with Global Consequences

What could your shopping possibly have to do with the Amazon burning in particular, or with climate change in general? You might be surprised to find how much, in fact, your behaviour impacts world order, because in the days of global consumerism and overarching trends, fulfilling the needs of developed countries, regardless of the environmental impact this might entail, is often the determining factor of the economic policies of developing countries.

When you buy a cheap t-shirt from a major retailer, you might be feeding an exploitative chain of production that directly affects the lives of people in, say, Bangladesh. Similarly, when you eat steak you might be encouraging the process of deforestation that is required to have large grazing fields for cattle. But, what can you do? You need clothes, and you certainly like steak! Depriving yourself of these or any other things is not, really, an option, but making sure that by getting them you're not causing more harm than good is. That's why it's important to know where the products you get come from, to ensure that you are at the end of a sustainable and responsible cycle of production.  

Is There Such a Thing As Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping isn't just something that can be achieved in the future, it is a reality that can govern your shopping today. There are myriad initiatives out there by countless brands doing a lot of work towards minimising or cancelling altogether the negative impact they might have on the environment. And the most exciting thing is that there's a million different ways they can achieve this.

For instance, if you click on one of our Orvis deals and you complete your order, they will donate 5% of their pre-tax profits towards preserving nature. A different way to go about it is what you would be supporting if you took advantage of any of the New Look discount codes available on their website, since they are working with a Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Ethical Trading Initiative to improve the quality of life of their workers and the environmental standards of their production chain.

But the burden of responsibility doesn't always fall squarely on the manufacturer's side. As consumers, we all have a responsibility towards the environment, and it is upon us to demand certain minimum conditions from the products we purchase. It might be hard to know exactly what are the the working conditions of factories in faraway places, or to be certain about the production method of the leather in your shoes, but demanding, for instance, minimal plastic packaging in the food you purchase takes nothing more than environmental awareness. That's what makes initiatives such as Morrisons' Eat Fresh so important, because when you use a Morrisons voucher and buy fresh food from them the wrapping you get is all made from recycled cardboard.    

Green Friday Project: Plant a Tree

Help the Environment and Yourself with the Green Friday 2019 Project

At Bravo Savings Network we are fully conscious of the critical moment we live through in terms of the environment, and also of the effects consumerism can have on Nature. That is why we have decided to launch a campaign that can turn the tables and make increased consumption a good thing for our ecosystem. Partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project, we have set our sights on planting as many as 100,000 new trees with the funds we raise between Black Friday and Christmas.

Eden Reforestation Project is an NGO that runs reforestation projects in deforested areas of underdeveloped countries such as Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Kenya. Since 2004 the Eden Reforestation Project has planted more than 200 million trees, engaging local workers in the process to promote the social and economic development of the communities in question. Recognising the invaluable work they carry out, we have committed to share with them part of the income we generate this holiday season.    

So how does the Green Friday 2019 Project actually work? Easy, every time a user completes an order through any of the websites associated to the Bravo Savings Network we will donate the amount necessary for the Eden Reforestation Project to plant one tree. Starting on Black Friday and until Christmas Day, whenever you use a discount code for Crocus or any other merchant partnering with us in this scheme you will effectively be planting a tree too. If everything goes according to plan, we aim to raise enough funds for the Eden Reforestation Project to start planting 100,000 trees on our behalf from the first of April 2020. To learn more about it, visit our Green Friday special page.

There's literally hundreds of different things you could do to make your shopping more sustainable. You could choose natural henna instead of ammonia-rich tint when you use your HQhair coupon, or you could choose one of the many organic products advertised among our selection of Beauty Expert deals. You could even plant your own tree by hunting on our site for the best Suttons discount codes, because, you know, two trees are better than one! Whatever you do, though, you should know that when you use a Mankind code, when you shop at any other of the participating retailers, you are also contributing towards making this a better planet. Because with the Bravo Savings Network shopping is sustainable.

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