Is Valentine's Day Really a Fake Holiday?

Let's Check the Significance of Valentine's Day as a Celebration vs Commercial Holiday

It's that time of the year again when we have the opportunity and excuse to celebrate the source of unconditional love that is ever-present in our lives but perhaps goes quietly unnoticed in our busy day-to-day lives. This time of year can be poignant for some as well as difficult for others. We at Bravovoucher encourage you to feel the source and love within and believe that on this day each of us is special, loved and important. It is a great time for loving yourself as well as loving others and gift-giving is simply a way of demonstrating a strong feeling of emotion that you feel for someone who is important in your life and that you believe needs a reminder of how much you appreciate them. You can celebrate the love you feel for yourself, the love you feel for your family, the love you have for your friends or someone new who has become an important part of your life.

Some people, though, see the holiday as commercial, so let's take a look at why Valentine's Day is often dismissed as a fake holiday with no real credentials. It's true that since the Second Vatican Council of 1969 Saint Valentine doesn't feature in the Catholic liturgical year (14 February is the feast of two saints, no less, Cyril and Methodius, but neither of them is Valentine), and that, unlike Paddy, whose thunder he so often steals, Valentine isn't the patron saint of any nation in the world. In that respect, Valentine's day really is a fake holiday, because it isn't observed as such anywhere in the world. But that doesn't paint the whole picture.

Saint Valentine's day was first recognised as a Christian feast by Pope Gelasius I in the year 496, and back in the 1300s Valentine's popularity grew, as courtly love spread like wild fire across the most sophisticated courts of continental Europe. It's safe to say, though, that it wasn't until the 1800s, when a retro fashion for medievalism became all the rage, that Valentine's reputation came to its own. Valentine's cards and letters became so popular in the times of Charles Dickens that he called it Cupid's Manufactory, and the production of small gifts for the occasion soon spread from Valentine's cards to flowers, chocolates, and the rest of the usual stuff.

So while it might be true that Valentine's day has a highly commercial DNA, it can hardly be claimed that it has no pedigree. In other words, you'd better start looking hard for a suitable gift, if you want to stay in the good books. Luckily, we're here to help, because we have compiled a list of the best gift ideas for him and for her for this Valentine's Day.

Discover the perfect Valentine's Day gift

Now that we've established that you can't just say that Valentine's Day is a fake holiday and use that as an excuse to get out of gift giving let's try to make Valentine's Day 2020 extra special, why don't we! At BravoVoucher we've got all of the best Valentine's Day discounts, deals, and ideas currently available in the digital world, so you can treat your loved one to a memorable gift this year. Whether it's a romantic break, the latest gadget, make sure you give your special someone a day to remember this year (ie, don't just get them a pair of socks!). We've got travel offers, flower deals, and much more for you to choose from, and the best part of it is you need not fear getting too carried away with your inspiration because with our great Valentine's Day discount codes you can be sure you won't be breaking the bank!

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Gifts for Him

Finding the right gift for him can be hard, right? Don't worry, we're on hand to give you all of the inspiration you need, as well as some incredible savings, so you can pick up a memorable gift, and still have leftover change to treat yourself (shh!). Let's start with the more traditional stuff: does your loved one have a passion for gadgets? Then why not use one of our Currys PC World discount codes and get them the latest phone, tablet, or games console! We've got loads of great offers available, from the biggest retailers around, including GAME – but be warned, these gifts may result in your partner spending more time with their gadgets, than they do with you!

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Gifts for Her

February 14 is a date that will be marked in her calendar, and it should be marked in yours too! But don't worry if you're struggling to find a special gift this year, we've got you covered for all of the Valentine's Day offers you need to make your gift a thing of beauty. Everyone loves some pampering, right? So why not use some of our health and beauty, and treat her to some quality natural skincare products with one of our Aveda discount codes. 

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