Stay Well This Winter

Would you like to know how to save money and eat healthily at the same time?

It may seem impossible but we assure you it is not! Healthy eating is important, not just if you are looking to lose weight but also to stay healthy and well. Food is fuel for our body and is vital for everyday life. What happens when you put the wrong fuel in a car? It doesn’t work properly, just like our bodies. People think healthy eating has to be expensive or takes a lot of prep time and will leave you hungry. Let us guide you through some of the tricks we have found to help save money and be healthy. 

A simple thing you can do is to put beans or grated carrots in meals like soups or stews to bulk them out. They are cheap, healthy and filling! A lot of people want to eat healthily to lose weight, so they end up eating the wrong foods or miss out on vital vitamins and minerals. Kick start your metabolism with a Myprotein discount on their Carb Metaboliser. Check out the discounts available with BravoVoucher on Myvitamins and you will be amazed at how easy it is to be healthy and happy for less. Remember that good digestion is vital to staying healthy! Have a look at Vitabiotics range to improve your gut health. If you want to look good from the inside out, try the Collagen and Vitamin C powder from bulk.

How can I save money on groceries and still eat healthily?

A great tip for when you go grocery shopping is to remember to buy in bulk. It is much cheaper and easier especially if you have a family to feed. A lot of supermarkets will reduce their fruit and vegetables just before they go bad. When buying the vegetables remember that you can cut them, blanch them and freeze them.

Sometimes you might be too busy living your life to waste time planning next week's dinner at home. So plan your meals there and then with the food you have in your basket. You will not only save time and energy but also money and there will be no waste. Remember to make enough leftovers for lunch the next day too or you can freeze them for next week! The next time you go to the supermarket, look at what they have reduced and plan your menu around those ingredients. When you buy vegetables and fruit that are in season, it is generally cheaper and healthier as they are more often than not locally grown and sourced. 

Fresh fish can be expensive so why not use a The Fish Society discount to save on fresh or frozen fish and use it in your meals. Chicken and meat can also be frozen to be used again at a later time. Think of the delicious meals you can make and then freeze! You can also portion them before freezing them so you don't defrost too much. Your freezer will be your best friend in your quest to eating healthily and saving money. 

Another tip is to store your vegetables properly. Do you know where the phrase “it only takes one bad apple” comes from? Apples expel ethylene gas which can make all the other fruits in the fruit basket over-ripen, turning them bad. With this new knowledge, you can make sure to store your fruit properly, with less chance of it going bad and having to waste food. Invest in a juicer from Philips using a discount code from BravoVoucher and you will never waste fruit or vegetables again. You can also stew certain fruit when you see it start to over-ripen and it will last for a few more days in the fridge! Or you can freeze them too.

Getting the vitamins you need 

Veganuary has become very popular over the years. After the excess eating at Christmas, people like to detox. Going vegan is fantastic for both you and the environment! However, you need to be careful that you are getting enough protein and vitamins. Veganism is not just eating fruit and vegetables. Take advantage of the discounts available at Myvegan and make sure you are getting enough nutrients to supplement your diet.

Getting enough protein is always a problem for those on a plant-based diet so try the Soy protein isolate or similar products from Myvitamins using the discounts on offer at the moment.

Another great way to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and boosting your health is to take dietary supplements. Try the fantastic offers available at Just Vitamins on vitamins such as Vitamin D which helps to boost immunity, keeping you well in the winter months. 

Nowadays life is busier than ever and you might not have time to cook or sit down to a cooked meal, but you still want to look after yourself! Nutrition doesn’t just come from the meals you eat. If you need something while you are on the go then check out the smoothies on the Simply Supplements website and use a discount code from our site to save even more money. 

Vegan snacks that are healthy aside from just vegetables or fruit are not easy to find. The Protein Works has a fantastic variety, you can use their discount code and get money off hundreds of products with their dedicated Vegan range. 

Playing sports and staying healthy

Whether you are playing team sports or just trying to get in shape on your own, you need to look at the discounts we have available for sites like Maximuscle and Bodybuilding WarehouseThese brands are not just for those who pump iron every day! They have a range of foods and supplements to enrich a busy life as well.

If you’re looking to lose weight and need a little kick start, LA Muscle has great offers on their Fat Busters and plenty more of their products. Warrior also has a fantastic range of healthy protein bars if you need a snack to keep you going!

Healthy recipes on a budget 

Do you want to know a great secret on how to save money making healthy recipes? The thing that often stops people from eating healthily is the convenience of fast food and ready meals, paired with the hassle of having to prepare fresh food. But what if there was a way of cooking healthy food, hassle-free with no waste? Take advantage of the discounts available at Mindful Chef and Simply Cook so you can eat quality, healthy food with minimum prepping!

Receive a box with local, fresh ingredients and recipes so all you have left to do is cook them. You will be given just the right amount of ingredients for the number of people you are serving, so there’s no waste meaning you save money and the environment. Getting your meals sent to your door helps you budget for the week or month ahead so you can plan not only what you will eat but also what you will spend. There are dairy and gluten-free alternatives available too!

With all these hints and tips you can make a healthy change! New year, new you!

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