Summer Sales 2020. The Best Fashion, Health & Beauty Tips

Discover Fashion, Health & Beauty Bargains with Our Summer Shopping Guide 

Summer is here and we are ready to make the most of every minute of it with the summer sales 2020. We simply love the summer, that’s a fact, and we are the online promotions specialists, so summer sales and BravoVoucher are just meant for each other. 

It’s hard to explain, this special connection. After all, sales are what we live for, be it summer, spring or the dark months, it doesn’t matter. However once the sun is out in full and the tarmac starts smoking, we just get that extra oomph, and we want to share the excitement with you. That’s why we’re giving you the inside scoop into the best fashion and summer beauty tips. Before we start though, let’s get a pretty important detail out of the way:

When do Summer Sales Start?

Summer sales

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Summer 2020 is already guaranteed to have a place in the annals of history for many years to come, but up to now it has been for all the wrong reasons. After the long lockdown and the pain that has resulted from the global pandemic, we have all earned a moment of distraction, and the seasonal sale might well be the perfect excuse to do just that. 

Here’s a tiny little bit of good news to lighten up your day: while the sales season generally starts towards the end of the summer, this year things are a bit different (surprise, surprise). Just that this time it’s for the better! With retailers as desperate as everyone else to get their businesses up and running as usual, many shops are already starting the fashion sale.  

In this sense, we in the UK profit from a special freedom, as there are no stipulations for when fashion retailers are meant to have their end-of-the-season sales. In other countries across Europe, summer fashion can only go on sale for a set duration and at a specific time of the year but in the UK each retailer has the freedom to price their summer clothing how they see fit throughout the year. This means we can start turning this into a memorable summer straight away!

Best Discounts and Offers for Summer Clothes 2020

Summer fashion discounts

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If you’re looking for the best deals and discount codes for your summer style this year, you have come to the right place. Keep up with the spring summer 2020 fashion trends and get exactly what you see showcased in the high street, except at better prices with our super saver online promotions. Take a look at the fantastic Debenhams voucher codes we have listed for you and get all you need this summer at one of the UK’s most beloved department stores.

Visit the purpose-made Summer Shop on Debenhams’ website and browse through thousands of carefully curated items to make you look your absolute best. The most stylish summer clothes for men and women are available from a single place, and you can also get bedding for the warm months, luggage if you intend to travel or gorgeous summer dresses to have the most glamorous staycation.

For the latest in men’s summer fashion, have a look at these BoohooMAN summer deals. After the long pause, you’re probably craving for as much exercise as you can fit into your diary, and now you can boast your sense of style as well as your body with BoohooMAN’s active line. Plus, remember that there are lots of great deals for girls too with the parent brand Boohoo. Don’t miss out on the most gorgeous summer clothes for women with our Boohoo discount codes. Not only will you find the most incredible prices there, look out for the free delivery offer too, and get your orders sent to your doorstep at no extra cost.

We’ve got two more great summer fashion 2020 tips for you. Are you ready? OK, here’s the first one, ideal if you’re looking for the most casual, dreamy, easy to wear summer clothes for girls: browse our selection of New Look summer offers and you’ll find exceptional promotions to match their collection. Freedom, open-mindedness and stylish comfort are the guidelines that should govern your New Look this summer!

Meanwhile, if you take advantage of our Joules discounts, you’ll be able to get something for everyone at unbeatable prices this summer. Whether you’re looking for a gift for him or her, clothes for babies or toddlers, or even a suitably neutral gift, something for your friend’s home or garden, you can get something gorgeous at Joules for a lot less than you’d think! 

Best Summer Beauty Tips

Best summer beauty deals

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It’s so easy to get carried away with the summer, what with the gorgeous weather, the beautiful clothes you have just got on sale and the general feel-good vibe that exudes from just about everywhere. But you must remember that with the heat and the dry comes not just a stunning suntan but also a lot of damage to your skin. Cult beauty is not about how dark your tan is but rather about looking healthy and elegant despite outside factors. So grab your beauty bag and get ready to shine in the healthiest of ways this summer!

For an even and drop-dead gorgeous tan, you have to discover the best deals Skinny Tan has to offer. Sometimes the sun can get a bit overwhelming, and at the end of the day, you might not like to sweat profusely in your effort to get the right shade of bronzed. With Skinny Tan, you can be sure you’ll get the desired effect with the least possible effort. Plus, all their products are developed cruelty-free, so you don’t have to feel guilty about using them!

If you need an overhaul to your vanity set this summer, you could do worse than exploring the QVC offers we have outlined for you. You know the products from seeing them on TV, but the catalogue at their online store is enormous. Treat yourself to a comprehensive summer beauty box and get everything from nail polish to mascara, deep cleanse, fragrance, moisturiser and every single one of the beauty products you need to stay fresh and healthy in the coming months.

For great savings with your summer beauty treatments, scroll through our lookfantastic promo codes. Protect your hair from the damage it gets on the beach, shop the suncare section to keep your skin fresh despite it all, and get the best SPF products for your face, hair and body, because a good health and beauty routine might be priceless, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

You can consult our Health & Beauty page at BravoVoucher for more advice on how to stay healthy this summer. Before we go, though, here’s one last bonus tip to help you get the best prices on fashion and beauty products right now: get a Simply Be code and shop for both stunning summer clothes and the best beauty products in a single place. Because with Simply Be you can be yourself and shop your way!


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