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Black Friday sale

As one of AliExpress's biggest sales, the Black Friday sale includes millions of awesome deals across all item categories with discounts of up to 70% off. The holidays are coming so now is the time to go shopping for everything on your wish list and get it cheaper. The Black Friday event is the sale you've been waiting for all year long so don't miss the next one!

Seasonal sales

AliExpress holds shopping events regularly during specific days of the year. They attract many customers by offering massive discounts, your future Aliexpress UK promo code and AliExpress coupons on millions of products. Check out the next seasonal sale to save big with a discount code on AliExpress!

Back to School sale

Check out the Back to School sale at AliExpress, making you save on the essentials and hundreds of items from stationery to backpacks, school uniforms and many other products. Combine with an AliExpress voucher code UK to save even more!

Need help in finding the most popular back to school items? To get more information, you get the opportunity to read the reviews left by shoppers so you can make a clear selection. From a wide range of quality brands to affordable picks, these reviews will help you find the best back to school items, no matter what your budget is.

Online shopping secrets

First order

Sign up to AliExpress and opt-in for the newsletter to receive new arrivals and the latest offers directly to your inbox. You will receive notifications and AliExpress discount codes that you can use on your first online order.

If you’re new to AliExpress, we’ll let you in on a secret. Just before you click ‘buy now’ in the transaction process, take a moment to check for coupons – and you’ll save even more. You can find store coupons, an AliExpress code or you can collect coupons every day by playing games on the AliExpress app.

Student discount

AliExpress offers many coupons and discounts on their online store. If you have subscribed to the newsletter, you will get informed as soon as an AliExpress voucher code is created for your next online order!

Free delivery

You can get free shipping on almost all items sold on AliExpress. Each seller will determine the free shipping option is available on the product, please check out for an AliExpress discount to save on shipping or on your order!

Free returns

Returns are totally free for you under the Free Return service offered by AliExpress. You are able to enjoy a one-time free local return for one order. Therefore, please consider returning the products in one shipping service to avoid paying the additional shipping cost.

  • Browse the list of deals and offers we have put together for you and discover your favourite AliExpress voucher and discount, all the most current and up-to-date ones in a single place. We have a team of dedicated deal hunters who have raked the Internet in search of all the deals available for this retailer and then double-checked to make certain that all links are still live and valid, so you can have the greatest degree of certainty that if you see an offer here it's not only genuine, it's also still ongoing.
  • Moving forward, if you want to get all the news from AliExpress as soon as it happens then you should sign up to their newsletter. It's free, and if you ever want to unsubscribe you can do it with a single click at any point. Just scroll to the bottom of their page and subscribe by entering your email address in the box you'll find there for this very purpose. This way you'll be able to discover your best AliExpress coupon UK and discount as soon as they become available!

Shopping on AliExpress

AliExpress is a sales platform, an online retailer that, however, does not sell any products but rather acts as a posting board for other retailers to advertise their products and services. As such, you can find practically any type of product at AliExpress. However, unlike a retailer such as Amazon, AliExpress doesn't actually sell, or even produce, any of these products themselves. When you purchase any product through AliExpress you are actually buying it from the end retailer, and AliExpress acts as a huge shop window that allows you to connect with the retailers you need.

On their website's main menu you'll find a number of categories that will guide you through AliExpress's offers, from consumer electronics to gifts to office suuplies to women's clothing or accessories.

Fitness Equipment

Browse through the wide range of Fitness equipment on AliExpress, where you will certainly find what you need to perform at your best when attending your yoga class or going to the gym. Explore this section to find affordable prices and being spoilt for choice! Save more by using one of the AliExpress promo codes that we are offering you.

There is quite literally no end to what you can find on this platform, whether you're looking for an essential aroma oil diffuser, a vacuum sealing packaging machine, fashion items including suits, shoes, trending bags. You can find all of it and many other products on AliExpress. There are also many gifting ideas to choose from, that include phones, jewellery, a wide range of homeware items, toys, sunglasses, pc accessories, tools and appliances. The low prices you find on their website are part of the main strategy they have employed to gain so much popularity so quickly. By using an AliExpress promo code you can save even more.

What does AliExpress offer?

UK customers have no restrictions in buying anything from AliExpress and there are no limits on their target audience. The only limitation applies to customers from mainland China who cannot use AliExpress (they have to use Alibaba's fellow online shopping portal Taobao). If you'd like to get your order in one go, from a single place, then AliExpress will become your go-to shopping portal.

You're a practical person, who cares little about brand names and you think that if big high street merchants are so keen to prominently feature their name and logo on your clothes they should also be paying you for sponsorship. That's why you shop at AliExpress, because you can find everything you need here, and what is more, you find it at the very best prices. So what if the food processor doesn't say Oster or Braun, at the end of the day, the important thing is that it processes food, and it does so just as efficiently as you need it to.You'll be delighted to know that with an AliExpress discount code UK you can get your favourite products and earn unbelievable savings in the process. So what are you waiting for?

About AliExpress

AliExpress is, in many ways, Alibaba's response to eBay, a platform in which small retailers can easily and effectively offer their products directly to existing and potential customers.Like all things Alibaba, AliExpress has a colossal volume of traffic and sales, easily making it to the top 50 websites in the world as ranked by Alexa. The vast majority of sellers offering their products at AliExpress are Chinese, although the service is not available in mainland China, making the vast majority of customers international, with a marked influence by Russian and Brazilian users.

AliExpress has been around for the best part of a decade, launched by its parent company in 2010. Over its ten-year existence, AliExpress has evolved its format, moving from a business-to-business platform in which retailers could connect with suppliers, to a business-to-consumer system in which customers can connect directly with manufacturers and purchase the products they desire at the most competitive prices on the market. Nevertheless, businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, often outsource and use AliExpress to serve their e-commerce needs, effectively outsourcing their online orders and getting retailers on AliExpress to supply the goods directly to their customers. So why should you pay the middle-man when you can go directly to the source? Better still, get an AliExpress promo code UK from this page and earn even greater savings next time your order online.

FAQs: How to find AliExpress discounts

  • £19 ($25) off with our Exclusive AliExpress promo code
  • Use our exclusive AliExpress promo code for £13 ($17) off your order
  • January AliExpress discount code: get $12 off!
  • Use this January AliExpress voucher code to save $7 off!
  • £9 off ($12) with our exclusive AliExpress promotional code

AliExpress discount codes are special promotions launched regularly by the retailer to give customers access to even greater prices. The codes themselves are computer-generated sequences of numbers and letters which act as a password to unlock the advertised discount. Many of the discount codes will be advertised on the website, while others will be distributed by AliExpress through their newsletter and social media channels to favour their affiliated customers. If you haven't got an AliExpress promo code UK yet you can just help yourself to one from our list of deals on this page.

If you're wondering how to get a discount code for AliExpress, the answer is just a little scroll away. On this page you have the most comprehensive list of AliExpress deals and offers on the web. Our team of deal hunters has put together an impressive selection of the most current and advantageous offers currently available, and our 98% verified rate means you can rest assured whatever you see on our page is what you get when you get transferred to the AliExpress online store.Another way of getting a discount code for AliExpress is by signing up to their newsletter. Type in your email address to register and get all the latest news and promotions sent on a regular basis straight to your inbox.

Discount Codes

  • Browse our list of deals and offers, find the AliExpress discount code you like and click on it. You will be transferred to their website while the code itself will be automatically copied.
  • Shop for the items you are after, add them to your shopping cart, and once you have finished shopping head to the checkout page.
  • Paste the AliExpress discount code into the appropriate box on the checkout page, apply the code, and that's it!
  • You've redeemed your voucher!

Deals and Offers

  • Some of the deals advertised on this page correspond to ordinary discounts available to all customers, not just those in possession of a discount code.
  • If that is the promotion of your choice, just click on Get Deal and you will see the products you want on the online store priced accordingly, with the discount already applied to them.
AliExpress Discount Codes - January 2022
Description Discount Expiry
£19 ($25) off with our Exclusive AliExpress promo code £19 31 Jan
Use our exclusive AliExpress promo code for £13 ($17) off your order £13 31 Jan
January AliExpress discount code: get $12 off! £12 31 Jan
Use this January AliExpress voucher code to save $7 off! £7 31 Jan
£9 off ($12) with our exclusive AliExpress promotional code £9 31 Jan
Exclusive £6 ($7) coupon for AliExpress valid sitewide £6 31 Jan
January codes: Get $5 off at AliExpress! £5 31 Jan

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£12 discount

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