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Online shopping secrets

Here's some simple tips for you to make the most of your shopping experience at Beerwulf. Browse our page for the best Beerwulf discount codes and promotions. We have selected a number of promotions and discounts that are sure to help you when it comes to earning great savings.

Earn more and better savings when you sign up to the newsletter. As well as a £5 discount you will get the latest news and offers sent straight to your inbox. This way you'll automatically get your Beerwulf discount code every time one is available!

There is also a dedicated page on their website for the best deals available. The page is regularly updated with specific Beerwulf deals of the week changing periodically. Return to the website as often as possible and hunt for the right promotion for you. 

And don't forget while shopping on the website that if you hit a full pack you will qualify for the Beerwulf free delivery option. When you're buying just a six-pack, shipping costs can mount to make a real difference. Stock for a bit longer, reach the 16 bottles required to fill your box, and let Beerwulf gulp those shipping costs!

Shopping on Beerwulf

It was about time people started realising beer isn't just beer but many kinds of beer. The eagle has landed, and little by little you hear people approaching the bartender to ask for a porter or an IPA, a lager or a red ale. That is precisely what Beerwulf is there for, to emphasise the distinction, to create an identity and to make it easy for people all around the world to have a bottle of just the type of beer they want, when they want, in the comfort of their home if they so wish it. 

Claim your Beerwulf code and head to their online shop to stock up on the best craft beer in the world. Because they are the absolute authority on the subject you know you can trust their judgement. Go to the Inspire Me section and discover a new brewery every month, or else stick to your trusted favourites and order a value pack of them to make your savings even bigger.

Beerwulf have recently added a new dimension to the whole craft beer drinking experience by making beer taps available from their website. The Blade tap is a compact draught dispenser which requires nothing other than an electric plug to start refrigerating your 8-litre keg of beer, making it the perfect solution for a small space. The SUB, on the other hand, holds 2 litres of beer and chills it down to 2 degrees. If you just take a small glass every now and then, keep it stored in the SUB for up to 15 days, and pour yourself a glass as if you were at the pub!

What does Beerwulf offer?

You know the difference between a good porter and a, well, not so good one. That's why you shop at Beerwulf, because when it comes to a rich and dark concoction, they have the best selection in cyberville. But even in the winter time you can't just go by with a case of Five Points Railway and a Founders KBS flavoured stout. Variety is the source of beauty in life, and there's little more beautiful than a perfectly poured pint of lager. With the Beerwulf codes listed on our page you can visit the website and not only can you get yourself a nice keg of Heineken, you can also help yourself to the Blade tap, which will simply make it harder your you to reach the pub, as it will transport the pub to your own living space!

Now that you don't have the excuse of the long way back from the pub, the weather, the cab fare or anything else, why don't you treat your friends to a night of craft beer sampling chez toi? Profit from our Beerwulf discount codes, get an assortment of craft beers delivered to your pad free of charge and let the sampling begin!

About Beerwulf

Beerwulf is the craft beer specialist of the digital world, a quickly expanding online retailer with a unique take on artisan beer making which combines the commercial aspect of a traditional vendor with the knowledge bank of a true enthusiast. Blend those two together and you get a trusted source you can go back to for all sorts of reasons, to double check on a recipe, to find out what fellow beer drinkers are saying about one particular product, to discover obscure new beer makers based on your own preferences, and of course to purchase your new discoveries and have them shipped to your doorstep!

Beerwulf stocks more than fifteen different kinds of craft beer by small and micro breweries in close to two dozen countries around the world, from China to Austria, from Canada to Vietnam. You can get kegs of up to eight litres and you can also get your own beer tap to enhance your home drinking experience. Most importantly, you can mix and match from the more than 600 different kinds of beer available at the website in various different formats and order your case for home delivery. Not only that, but if you order a full pack of 16 beers, shipping will be free of charge. So go grab a Beerwulf discount code and start drinking - responsibly, of course!

Beerwulf history

All right, so first things first: what's with the weird spelling? Truth be told, we don't really know for a fact, but unless it's an extravagance, much like the spelling of Motörhead, our best guess is a reference to the original English epic saga, Beowulf. After all, it doesn't take much to slip from beer to beo, and craft beer is nothing if not epic as well as original. So there you go, that's our interpretation!

Now, going back to the plain (boring), Beerwulf launched as on online beer retailer in 2017, partnering with the Dutch innovations firm Valtech. The sole investor behind Beerwulf is the beer giant Heineken, which recognised the enormous growth in the beer market and therefore identified the potential of a space where beer lovers and beer makers could meet. In 2018 earned a Dutch Innovations Award for the quality and speed with which the website had grown since its inception, and in 2019 Beerwulf went beyond selling beer in cans and bottles by merging with the SUB, a specialised beer vendor with a focus on home draughts systems. By joining forces with SUB, Beerwulf hasn't just expanded its roster of craft beers, it has also added a new dimension to its offer. Now you can pour yourself a perfect pint in all the comfort of your living room.

FAQs: How to find Beerwulf discounts

  • Up to 36% off starter sets!
  • Shop the up to 25% off sale
  • Up to 25% off Value Cases
  • Blade kegs: 5% off
  • Save £5 on monthly beer plans

Discount codes

  • Browse our page and, once you have found the Beerwulf voucher code you were looking for, click on it. Copy the code that appears in the next window and continue to Beerwulf. The link takes you straight to their website, where you can continue shopping at your own leisure. Once you're done proceed to checkout where you will find a button that reads 'Apply discount code'. Click on it, enter the code in the box underneath, click OK, and that's it – you've saved! Some conditions might have to be met for certain codes to apply, such as minimum spend or specific product requirements. If your code isn't working, please check the terms and conditions.

Deals and offers

  • If the offer you've selected doesn't come with a corresponding Beerwulf voucher it's because the deal will be applied automatically once you're redirected to their website. Just click on Get Deal and you'll see your beer priced accordingly. For more information, check the terms and conditions of the selected offer.
  • Keep an eye out for recurrent sales and fresh periodic deals on the online Sale section: sometimes that's where you'll find the most amazing Beerwulf discounts!
Beerwulf Discount Codes - April 2021
Description Discount Expiry
Up to 36% off starter sets! 36% Always active
Shop the up to 25% off sale 25% Always active
Up to 25% off Value Cases 25% Always active
Blade kegs: 5% off 5% Always active
Save £5 on monthly beer plans £5 Always active
Spring beer pack just £34.99! 31 May
Beer gift sets from £28 Always active

Recently Expired Discount Codes & Deals

23% discount

Value beer cases: 23% off

  • Save as much as 23% off on value beer cases at Beerwulf.

Valentine's beer gifts from £35

  • You're still in time to shop for Valentine's beer gifts from only £35 at Beerwulf.

Dry January: Alcohol-free beer case for £35

  • Miss that hoppy taste but trying to lay off the booze this month? Take a look at the alcohol-free beer case for just £35 from Beerwulf!
10% discount

Up to 10% off SUB Kegs

  • Get up to 10% off SUB beer kegs even without a Beerwulf voucher code!

Draught kegs from £20

  • Take a look at the draught kegs available from only £20! You don't need a Beerwulf voucher code to access this offer.

SUB beer taps from £99

  • Pick up THE SUB® from just £99 at Beerwulf online now! No Beerwulf discount code needed here!

2L Keg from £8.49

  • Get all your favourite beers from just £8.49. Beerwulf offers Include Birra Moretti, Affligem, Newcastle Brown Ale, Desperados and much more!
25% discount

Get 25% off the SUB Compact

  • Enjoy 25% off The SUB Compact and your favourite draught beer at home for less, even without a Beerwulf discount code.
35% discount

35% off on the SUB Heineken edition

  • Shop for the Sub Heineken edition to save a massive 35% off with this offer now! No Beerwulf discount code required.
£5 discount

Newsletter sign up: £5 off

  • Sign up to get £5 Beerwulf voucher code and to be the first to hear about all the best beers on offer as well as your future Beerwulf discount codes.