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JustPark Discount Codes - May

Voucher Code Description Discount Type
Students save 10% on parking 10%
Save up to 70% on airport parking 70%
Receive a £10 discount on parking £10
Free parking for NHS staff and key workers Deal
Get a £10 Amazon gift card £10
Help NHS staff Tip
Earn thousands per year renting out your parking space Tip
Get the benefits of a JustPark corporate account Tip

With JustPark parking is easy

Online shopping secrets

  • At you will find a comprehensive selection of deals and coupons for JustPark. Take a look at our devoted page and get the discount code of your choice to save big on your next trip.
  • Get free parking with the referral programme at JustPark. When you refer a friend you'll both receive a £10 JustPark voucher to be redeemed with your next order. If your friend lists a parking space instead your reward will be redeemable at Amazon instead!
  • Students get a better deal! Register with Student Beans and verify you're account: that's all you need to do to earn a 10% JustPark discount coupon sent straight to your inbox.

Shopping on JustPark

JustPark deals in the art of parking, which might seem like a rather simple and unchanging activity. Surprise, surprise, it's not! In the ever changing world that is our technological era parking has become both harder and easier than ever. On the one hand, increased vehicle density in congested urban areas means that there is simply more demand for parking spaces than ever before. Long gone are the days when you could venture out to a game or concert on a whim and expect to park right outside the venue. These days you'd likely spend the rest of the evening looking for a suitable parking spot.

Luckily, the technological era is also the era of immediate communication, which means you can download the JustPark app to any mobile device and see on real time exactly where the best parking spot for you is, and you can head straight in that direction. What could be better than that? Well, we'll tell you what: doing precisely that and paying even less for your parking spot. Check out our list of JustPark deals and discounts and get the most convenient of services at the most competitive price!

What does JustPark offer?

JustPark is one of Britan's fastest-growing private technology companies not just because it has come to fill a void in the market, providing a highly sought-after service with great efficiency, but also because the platform it has developed is highly reliable and super easy to use. Needless to say, JustPark targets drivers in general. Unlike most technology companies, they are not specifically targetting computer-savvy people, though. Through its self-explanatory and rather intuitive platform, JustPark provides a highly convenient solution for just about anyone with enough knowledge of the digital world to manipulate a smartphone.

Precisely this is the main asset that has enabled the company to enter the tremendously lucrative segment of the market controlled by local authorities. JustPark's tool is simple enough for anyone to use it. all you have to do is download the app and look for the specific area where you want to park. The most convenient options will appear, with a number of variants ranging from free parking to reservable spaces. For added peace of mind reserve your spot for a specific time, or else play it by ear, make sure the parking spot of your choice is marked as free with a green circle, and that's it! If you're looking for cheap parking on your next journey, be sure to check out or JustPark voucher codes!

About JustPark

JustPark is so clever it's hard to imagine what took so long for it to be invented. Then again, that's what happens with all great ideas. That's precisely what makes them great: they're so obvious that no one ever comes up with them, until someone does and then everyone is hooked. JustPark, a mobile app designed to match drivers with parking spaces, is very much a case study of this phenomenon.

If you're a driver and you live in a congested area of the Big Smoke or any other big city in the UK you know how frustrating – no, how infuriating – it can be to drive round and round in circles for hours looking for a parking space that is halfway near the office or your own home. With JustPark parking is easy, and that's not just a slogan, it's the truth. With millions of parking spaces to choose from across the UK and more than 3.5 million users, JustPark will help you find the right spot in seconds.

Unsurprisingly, JustPark was born in London back in 2006, although at the time the platform was called ParkatmyHouse. Initially the spark that started the initiative involved large-scale public events, in particular football games and other sporting events, which carry the obvious inconvenience of requiring parking space for thousands of cars simultaneously in what are often small, residential areas. One of the greatest nightmares for any football fan is finding themselves in front of the stadium, with just fifteen or twenty minutes to spare, amply enough to get to the seats, to be sure, but only if they're able to dump their wheels in all haste. That's when having an app that tells you exactly where there is a parking space comes handy. The fact that you have to pay for it is no hindrance either, for no matter where you park on a matchday you'll have to dish out some money. So it's a win-win situation, and best of all you end up saving money.

In the ensuing decade and a half JustPark has grown from a nice gadget to make your day out a lot easier to an essential tool in your day-to-day routine. Today JustPark partners with local authorities to provide cashless payment services in public parking areas while it also services the private sector with more than 300 partnerships with hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton. Check out our great JustPark discount codes and save money next time you use the app!


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Students save 10% on parking

Unlock your 10% discount by verifying your student status with Student Beans.
always active
Used 37 times

Save up to 70% on airport parking

Available for most major airports across th UK. Save up to 70% compared to on-site airport parking.
no expiry
Used 22 times

Receive a £10 discount on parking

Refer a friend to get a £10 JustPark discount. Not only will you save the next time you park, you'll friends will get £
no expiry
Used 30 times

Free parking for NHS staff and key workers

As a sign of appreciation for the incredible work of the NHS and healthcare professionals in these unprecedented times,
without expiry date

Get a £10 Amazon gift card

Refer a friend and have them list a parking space, you’ll both receive a £10 Gift Card.
always active
Used 84 times

Help NHS staff

Own a driveway or parking space near a hospital or healthcare facility? Make your spare parking space available for free
without expiry date

Earn thousands per year renting out your parking space

Create your own free listing within seconds and start earning by renting out your own parking space to any of JustPark's
always active
Used 15 times

Get the benefits of a JustPark corporate account

Simplify parking for both employees and employers. Find, reserve and pay for parking at 20,000+ locations across the UK
no expiry
Used 19 times

FAQs: How to find JustPark discounts

💰 Which JustPark offer can I use in May?
  • Students save 10% on parking
  • Save up to 70% on airport parking
  • Receive a £10 discount on parking
  • Free parking for NHS staff and key workers
  • Get a £10 Amazon gift card
🛍 What are JustPark discount codes?

JustPark discount codes are released by the company on occasion, rewarding its customer with even greater savings. This type of promotions can only be accessed by customers with the relevant code. These codes can be shared in a number of ways, either via email, or made available on their website. Entering the voucher code in the relevant box at the checkout will allow you to access great promotions and to save even more with your order.

🛒 How do I get a discount code for JustPark?

You're best bet to get the latest JustPark discount codes is visiting and searching for the company through our simple search tool. At Bravo Savings Network we're passionate about discounts and we are proud to bring you the most comprehensive list of special deals on the web. You can browse our website across the different categories into which we have classified all the discounts we have hunted, ​​​​or else search our alphabetic listing and go straight to your favourite retailer. Once on the dedicated page you will find all their current codes at the top of the page, while a selection of deals will complete the list. Click Get Code and get your JustPark discount code. You will be redirected to the JustPark website, while the code itself will be automatically copied.

How do I use my JustPark discount code?

Discount Codes

  • Get your JustPark discount code by clicking on Get Code. You'll be redirected to their website, where you can reserve and pay for your parking. Beneath the total amount due you'll find a button prompting you to enter your JustPark promo code. Paste the code, click Apply, and see the new balance reflect your savings.

Deals and Offers

  • Some JustPark deals are valid even without a voucher code. In this case click Get Deal to be automatically redirected to the JustPark website, where you'll see the relevant deal featured prominently.
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