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Montezuma's, Britain's greatest little chocolate company

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Shopping on Montezuma's

Montezuma's produce the best chocolate in Britain. It's that simple. Their range of products is innovative and has brought a breath of fresh air to a market that too often seems to rely on the same old bars. From the Sea Dog bar, a combination of dark chocolate with lime and sea salt, to the Chilli Bonkers 74% cocoa dark chocolate and chilli, their selection isn't only delicious, it's also whacky!

In fact, dark chocolate holds a special place in Montezuma's catalogue. Their luxury range of dark chocolate is hand-made and extremely varied, with punchy combinations that make the smooth paste feel even more decadent. Try the 70% dark chocolate with cherry for an interesting take on sweet and sour, or Spice It Up with a trace of fiery ginger to bring some heat to your senses.

For the hardcore purists out there, the Absolute Black line is a real treat. With 100% cocoa and no added sugar, these bars are super potent but, because only the very best cocoa beans are used, they are also extra delicious. Absolute Black barscome in a traditional range of flavours, such as mint, orange, or almond, as well as the ultimate delicacy in the shape of the pure 100% cacao bar.

Chocolate and truffles belong together, which is why there is a whole collection to choose from in the company's catalogue. The dark peanut butter truffle bites are a great vegan-friendly option, which will blow you away even if you're not vegan, while the milk chocolate truffles with salted caramel are simply to die for. Whichever carton you go for, make sure you claim a Montezumas discount code from this page first so you can get that much more joy for your money!

What does Montezuma's offer?

Montezuma's is for every person who ever felt a craving for chocolate at some point in their life. If you have a sweet tooth, then this website is simply heaven for you. Whether you prefer dark or milk chocolate, or even if you are a cacao purist and want nothing but the highest concentration of the stuff possible, you will find a treat here that won't let you down.

Taste is of paramount importance for Montezuma's, but social responsibility is right up there with the company's top concerns. As a family business, they keep a close eye on all procedures and partnerships, maintaining the core values that have guided them from the get go. This applies to the sourcing of their cocoa as well as their emphasis on making their wrapping entirely recyclable.

Given how successful they have been and how much they have expanded, more effort has been required to make certain that they keep on trading fairly. This has not made them move away from their pledge, though. Even as their catalogue has grown considerably, they still take pride in the fact that they operate a socially responsible businesswith short lines of communication, full accountability and the knowledge that every decision they make has an effect on the environment and the communities they touch. That's why they strive to make it a positive one!

Essentially, this is the perfect retailer if you like to try new things, if you love to reinvent the wheel over and over again, and if you prefer to support the good guys. But even in doing that, you can also help yourself at the same time, which is what we allow you to do when you redeem a Montezumas promo code from this page. Get yours and enjoy your chocolate for less!

About Montezuma's

Montezuma's is the greatest chocolate company in the UK, a family-run business that has managed to combine an ethical approach with the demands of its growing popularity on the back of a simple product: amazing chocolate. They come from humble beginnings having started with a super basic setup, essentially using nothing but a small grinding machine to make their own bars and trading them from a small retail point in Brighton.

The main idea was simple: make the best chocolate around, and chocolate lovers will come knocking. And it worked! People keep going back to Montezuma's because nowhere else will you find the range, the flavour and the quality that over the past two decades have become their trademark. They now have five shops, with two retail points in London, one in Winchester and another one in Norwich added to the original Brighton store.

But the easiest and cheapest way of getting their chocolate is online, using their funky website, which is every bit as functional as it is fun. Head out there and discover the most exciting bars, buttons and treats, with dozens of flavours available and a full range of vegan-friendly alternatives. If you prefer to avoid all dairies, you can go for the dark chocolate line or the organic truffle selection, all of which are absolutely delicious.

Regardless of your choice, your budget shouldn't really be affected, with most of their standard bars costing well under £5. Whether you're exploring new chocolate possibilities or you're getting a gift for a choco-addict friend, you need to take a look at the Montezumas discount codes we have made available for you on this page to earn great savings with your next online order.

Montezuma's history

It's hard to think of a more feel-good company than Montezuma's. Not only do they make the most amazing comfort food in the world, chocolate, but they're so good at it that you'll never want to go back to the big commercial brands. Added to that, the company is firmly anchored on the strongest core values of fair trade and community responsibility. And then there's the story behind its foundation, which is, literally, a love story.

Founders Helen and Simon Pattison met in the 1990s working at a law firm. They fell in love. They realised they didn't really like what they were doing. They quit their job, packed up their belongings, put it all into storage and ran off to South America. It was the text-book cliche of a gap year in the middle of your professional career, the quarter-life crisis that every generation after the baby boomers has experienced.

For the Pattisons, it worked a treat. They were intrigued by the small chocolate retailers in Argentina and fell in love (they have a lot of love to share) with the process of cocoa growing in rural Venezuela. On their way back from their travels, they put the two together and started Montezuma's on a shoestring. Twenty years later, they are still going strong, making the best chocolate in the country, and we are all the better for it!

FAQs: How to find Montezuma's discounts

  • 10% Montezumas discount codes. Sitewide
  • 50% off luxury chocolate in the Summer Sale without a Montezumas discount code!
  • 2 months free with an annual chocolate box subscription at Montezumas!
  • Montezuma's vegan chocolate from just £2.99
  • Montezumas giant chocolate buttons: 3 bags for £10!

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Deals and Offers

Along with Montezuma's discount codes, we also list a vast array of regular deals. To claim them just:

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Montezuma's Discount Codes - July 2021
Description Discount Expiry
10% Montezumas discount codes. Sitewide 10% Always active
50% off luxury chocolate in the Summer Sale without a Montezumas discount code! 50% 01 Oct
2 months free with an annual chocolate box subscription at Montezumas! Always active
Montezuma's vegan chocolate from just £2.99 Always active
Montezumas giant chocolate buttons: 3 bags for £10! Always active
Chocolated bar gifts: Choose 3 for just £12 at Montezumas. Always active
Chocolate truffles. Get yours at Montezumas now from only £4.29 Always active

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