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Origin Discount Codes - September 2020

Voucher Code Description Discount Type
36 Mbps Superfast broadband from £23.99pm Deal
11 Mbps Origin broadband from £18.99pm Deal
Easy switching from old supplier to Origin Deal
67 Mbps Origin max fibre for £27.99pm Deal
11 Mbps Origin pay upfront from £209.99 Deal
36 Mbps Origin superfast pay £410 upfront Deal
67 Mbps Origin max fibre £439.99 upfront Deal
Check out the pay upfront deals at Origin Tip

Origin, keeping broadband simple

Online shopping secrets

  • Discover all the currently ongoing Origin voucher codes and discounts in a single place and make the most of the comprehensive list of online deals we have made available to you. Browse this page, find the offer that is right for you and save big time when you get your broadband.
  • Check out the Supersaver deals available on their website and make the most of these amazing opportunities. Just click on the link below to the pay up-front options and earn savings of up to 30% when you get your plan. These are the best Origin bargains you'll ever find, and you don't even need an Origin voucher code to redeem them. So what are you waiting for? Click on the deal, proceed to their website, and save big time!

Shopping on Origin

Origin specialises in one thing above any other, and that is in providing fast, unlimited and reliable broadband services at the best prices. If there is one thing that makes Origin stand out, though, it is in making things as simple as possible. That is why they offer three plain broadband plans which you can pay as you go on a monthly basis or you can pay upfront when you sign up to the service. The only variation in the plans consists in the broadband speed you will get and in the amount you will pay monthly, with contracts ranging from 12 to 18 months.

Origin's three broadband plans are among the cheapest in the market and bring excellent value to your table. The variations on the speed you get are the same as across the market with any other provider, 11 Mbps for their standard ADSL broadband, 35 Mbps for their fibre optic option and the fast fibre plan, which brings speeds of 67 Mbps. If you want to get fast Internet at home with the best all-round service then you need to look at Origin. Plus, with the Origin broadband deals we have listed for you on this page you'll be paying less than ever.

What does Origin offer?

If you want the best value-for-money when it comes to fast Internet connection at home then Origin is for you. There are plenty of reasons to choose Origin ahead of any of the bigger brands in the market but none is more compelling than the fact that at Origin they keep broadband simple.

What exactly does this mean? It means that when you speak to a customer service advisor on the phone they won't bombard you with jargon and technical terms but rather speak your language and avoid all confusion. It means that you get a straightforward and easy-to-use service.

It means that when you sign up to one of their plans you get exactly what you expect, no hidden fees, no snags, no add-ons, just what you need to navigate the Internet at the fastest speeds.

Get your Origin broadband plan and receive an ASUS wireless modem/hub completely free of charge. Enjoy the reliability of one of the UK's most efficient service providers, keeping you online for longer and profit from the convenience of your online account hub, which allows you to keep an eye on your account at all times. It also means you can easily change or update your details. Plus, if you go for the Supersaver option you can save up to 30% by paying the total of your contract upfront, rather than in monthly instalments. Pile savings over savings with the codes for Origin we have made available for you on this page.

About Origin

Origin is a niche broadband provider that comes with a single purpose in mind: keeping broadband simple. In a market dominated by communication giants, Origin have identified a gap and striven to fill it, tailoring their service to reach those who have been left behind. Arriving in the scene in 2011, Origin have built their reputation on the strength of their willingness to think outside the box, a daring attitude that allows them to try unconventional things, and above all their unwavering commitment towards delivering the best possible service to their customers.

Placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of their priorities, Origin set out to bring super fast Internet connection to their local community first, although they have long since expanded the service to embrace the whole of the UK. If you're looking for a fast broadband connect with unlimited usage and a simple setup that does not entail confusing bundles, opt ins, opt outs, additional fees, and a whole load of extras that you're never really going to use then Origin is the provider for you. So take a look at the selection of deals we have highlighted for you on this page and use an Origin promo code when you next get your broadband plan.


36 Mbps Superfast broadband from £23.99pm

Get yourself a 36 Mbps Origin Superfast broadband plan, best value unlimited fibre deal from just £23.99 per month and
always active
Used 26 times

11 Mbps Origin broadband from £18.99pm

Choose 11 Mbps Origin broadband with truly unlimited and fantastic value from only £18.99! Origin promo code not
without expiry date
Used 27 times

Easy switching from old supplier to Origin

The team will send you your brand new hub and keep you informed as your order progresses. Great prices, and great
without expiry date
Used 20 times

67 Mbps Origin max fibre for £27.99pm

Check out these Origin Broadband deals! Pick the fastest unlimited fibre package, 67 Mbps Origin max fibre for only £2.
without expiry date
Used 16 times

11 Mbps Origin pay upfront from £209.99

Origin Broadband offers 11 Mbps broadband for just £209.99 when you pay upfront. Perfect for a home that wants to surf
no expiry
Used 12 times

36 Mbps Origin superfast pay £410 upfront

Great for those who want a little extra. Get ready for faster speeds on our truly unlimited fibre plan. Pay £410
without expiry date
Used 14 times

67 Mbps Origin max fibre £439.99 upfront

At such an amazing price, why not treat yourself to our most powerful broadband package. The fastest speed that your
no expiry
Used 14 times

Check out the pay upfront deals at Origin

Origin is always posting new deals on the pay upfront plans: check them out on the website!
always active
Used 14 times

Explore Origin pay monthly deals

Have a look at the Origin pay monthly deals page to keep updated on the latest offers!
without expiry date
Used 11 times

Visit the Origin broadband page

Check out the Origin broadband page whenever you have some queries or would like to get some extra information on this
without expiry date
Used 25 times

24/7 Customer service

Take advantage of Origin customer service, active 24/7 to assist you with your network!
always active
Used 13 times

FAQs: How to find Origin discounts

💁 Which Origin offer can I use in September?
  • 36 Mbps Superfast broadband from £23.99pm
  • 11 Mbps Origin broadband from £18.99pm
  • Easy switching from old supplier to Origin
  • 67 Mbps Origin max fibre for £27.99pm
  • 11 Mbps Origin pay upfront from £209.99
❓ What are Origin discount codes?

Origin discount codes are limited time promotional vouchers released by the provider to reward their customers with access to exclusive deals.

  • Discount codes are sometimes referred to as vouchers, promo codes or coupon but they are all the same thing, an easy to recognise sequence of characters, be it letters, numbers or both, that acts as a password to unlock the advertised discounts.
  • Get hold of a valid code to unlock great discounts when you place an online order.
  • If you haven't got an Origin discount code yet take a look at the list we have made available for you on this page and click on the one that looks right for you.
✅ How do I get a discount code for Origin?

Origin don't always have discount codes available, as their deals are more often than not integrated already into the price of their plans. Nevertheless, if there is a discount code for Origin to be had out there you can be absolutely certain you'll find it listed on this page. Delve into the comprehensive list of online promotions we have made available for you and choose your discount. All you have to do is:

  • Scroll down and take a look the offers we have highlighted for you.
  • Find the discount code for Origin that best suits you.
  • Click on it to redeem it.
💰 How do I use my Origin discount code?

Discount Codes

  • Click on the Origin discount code you want to redeem.
  • A new tab will open. Click on the Origin discount code you will find there and proceed to the Origin website.
  • Choose your broadband plan with Origin and select any additional products you might need, whether a different hub, a call plan or specific customisation of your package.
  • Add your personal details and look for the discount code box. If there is a valid promo code available just copy it into the cox.
  • Apply the promo code and enjoy your savings!

Deals and Offers

Origin usually have a vast array of traditional deals available. To claim one fo these all you need to do is:

  • Click on the deal you want.
  • Continue to the Origin website.
  • You'll find your discount automatically applied to the plans and products listed on the Origin website.

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