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Shopping on Proviz

The first collection launched by Proviz was the Nightrider range of cycling products. The concept behind Nightrider is obvious from the name itself: cycling gear that is highly visible and safe in the night. If you want understated cycling clothing, you can get the Nightrider trousers, jacket and backpack in black, which in the night is as effective as any of the other bright colours available because the technology used by Proviz ensures that there's plenty of reflective padding for optimal visibility.

The most popular Proviz line is the Reflect360 with its trademark steel grey to bring distinction to your cycling gear (although, if you prefer the flamboyance of traditional cycling clothing you can also get Reflect360 products in 6 other colours). The distinctive factor in the Reflect360 line is not so much the colour as the fact that reflective beads have been woven into the full perimeter of your garments, turning you into a glowing silhouette as soon as the lights hit you. There's nothing safer or more visible in the market, that's a promise!

Whether you are interested in the renowned Reflect360 or in subsequent collections, such as the soft and comfortable Sportive, you must use one of our Proviz promo codes to save big time with your next order.  

What does Proviz offer?

Proviz is for the millions of people out there who simply feel better when they are on the move. If you like your life sedentary and are happiest slouching on the couch, Proviz is probably not the place for you. But if you look forward to your commute because it means you can spend some time riding your bike with a purpose, and you catch yourself daydreaming of that new route you want to try for your full-hour run at the end of the day, then you have found a bunch of soulmates at Proviz.

You'll find everything you need at the Proviz online store. From stretch shorts, trousers or jerseys to arms bands and headwear, no matter how big or small the item, you'll find it at Proviz. They have all your gear for any weather, whether you're after protection from the rain, a light solution against the inclement summer heat or warmers for the winter, you'll find it at the retailer, and with one of our Proviz  discounts you'll find it even cheaper! 

About Proviz

At Proviz, sportswear is more than just an accessory, it actually is their passion. At the root of the company's drive to design and produce innovative sportswear was the fact that cycling gear is often impractical and unseemly. As much as fashion sense is a driving force in the garment industry, there are times when you need your clothes to be functional rather than flashy. This is true in the football pitch as well as in the playground, but nowhere is it more important than when you're commuting on your bike or out for a jog around the neighbourhood. That's why Proviz specialise on high-performance, high-visibility outdoor gear, because safety, comfort and visibility should be the guiding aspects when it comes to choosing your sportswear. Get your Proviz code before you head out to get your Proviz gear so you can enjoy the best sportswear designs at the very best prices in town.

Proviz history

Proviz are an amazing British brand focused on bringing new and innovative designs to sportswear. Over the past ten years they have established themselves as a game-changer in the outdoor sportswear segment, launching line after line of deliberately thought-out and functional clothing.  

Like so many great ideas, Proviz was born from want, though in this case such want was the product not of dire conditions but rather or a complacent and unimaginative market. Bob and Ant, two brothers, shared their frustration on their daily commute by bike. They found the gear they were constrained to wear to be unsuitable for their needs: they loved cycling, but they hated wearing their cycling gear. To make things worse, they couldn't find the sort of clothing they'd want to wear anywhere. Suddenly a realisation came: there was a niche here that was not being exploited.

Since 2008 Proviz has gone from strength to strength, boasting the largest selection of specialist enhanced-visibility and reflective sports products in the market, and empowering customers to do what they love more safely. Internationally recognised for their innovation, Proviz products have long been sold online and can now be purchased in more than 40 countries. With our Proviz discount you can get yours for less, so take a look at the options we have made available for you on this page and get going.

FAQs: How to find Proviz discounts

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Proviz discount codes are promotional vouchers released by the company to give you access to incredible, limited-time offers. The discount codes consist of a sequence of letters and numbers. You need to get the right discount code to unlock your offers on the checkout page of the online store. Proviz usually distribute their discount codes through their regular newsletter but if you haven't signed up yet and you haven't got a voucher code, don't panic. Take a look at the list of deals and offers we have put together for you on this page, choose the one that works best for you and start saving!

The easiest and most convenient way of getting a discount code for Proviz is to explore the list we have made available for you on this page. Our team of deal hunters has sifted the Internet to bring you all the currently ongoing promotions at Proviz, and all you have to do to profit from one of them is:

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If you want to stay in the loop of all things Proviz and be among the first people to hear when new discount codes become available you have to sign up to their newsletter. Just scroll to the bottom of their website and enter your email address to join the Proviz family.

Discount Codes

  • Click on the Proviz discount code you're after.
  • Copy the code and head to the Proviz website.
  • Add all your items to your shopping cart.
  • Paste your discount code in the box you'll find under your grand total on the checkout page.
  • Apply the coupon and voila. 

Deals and Offers

We list traditional deals and discount codes on this page. If you want to get a deal instead of a Proviz discount code, here's what you have to do:  

  • Click on your deal.
  • Proceed to the Proviz online store.
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Proviz Discount Codes - April 2021
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