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Shopping on Swizzels

As one of the country's most dearly held confectionery of sweets, Swizzels is practically synonymous with both joy and candy. The company's bestseller is Refreshers, a bar of chewable candy with sherbet in the middle which has been available since 1955 and is, uncannily, still going strong. (But it's so good, right? You know what we're talking about.) Another absolute classic from Swizzels are Fizzers, fruit-flavoured sweets in capsules that fizz when in contact with your tongue. Fizzers were first launched in the 1930s, when the company was still operating out of its factory in East London rather than in Derbyshire (they had to relocate in 1940, due to the war).

The list of Swizzels' products and inventions goes on but if there are two sweets that are part of their identity and DNA those are Love Hearts and Drumstick Lollies. Swizzels' Love Hearts are the shape of a capsule but they have the shape of a heart etched around them, with a love message in the middle, written in edible ink. Love Hearts have been embraced by the British public so emphatically and for so long they are practically an institution. Meanwhile, the Drumstick Lollies have been around since the 1950s, becoming the first chewy lollies in the market. It was, however, in the 1970s, with the huge success of the crime TV series Kojak, that the Drumstick Lollies really took off, as the protagonist of the series, played by the charismatic Telly Savalas, perhaps the most famous bald head on TV, constantly appeared chewing on a lollipop. Swizzels were able to capitalise on this fortuitous bit of free advertisement, redoubling their exports of Drumstick Lollies within a short period. Claim your Swizzels voucher code and take this chance to make your pound get you many more Swizzels sweets than usual.

What does Swizzels offer?

With so much history it's easy to believe that Swizzels is just a sweet for nostalgic oldies who want to recall the taste of their childhood but nothing could be father from the truth. The fact is that Swizzels appeals to children and adults alike, and they make a concerted effort at keeping the production of sweets fun and innovative. Recent updates to some of their oldest products include adapting the messages included in the Love Hearts to reflect text-messaging language and modern trends. One such example is the launching of a Halloween range to match the huge rise in popularity of this festivity in recent years. At the same time, competitions to propose new products and become an official sweet taster of existing ones often target children and young teenagers, bringing them into the decision making process in a capacity that they could seldom enjoy in other walks of life.

Whether it's the classic Fizzers or the new Squashies, a potpourie of traditional products (Double Lollies, Drumsticks, New Refreshers and Love Hearts) squashed into a soft gum format, Swizzels sweets are still an irresistible temptation for young and old. With our Swizzels discount you can buy enough for you, for the children and for the rest of the family without having to worry about the damage to your pocket!

About Swizzels

Swizzels are one of the most iconic and in fact longest running sweet factories not only in the United Kingdom but the world over. Operating as a family-owned business for more than 90 years, Swizzels have been operating from the same venue in Derbyshire since they were evacuated from their London factory in 1940, in the midst of the Second World War. They are famous in particular for their Love Hearts line of sweets, a heart-shaped fruit-flavoured candy with a brief love message on one of its sides, which was introduced all the way back in 1954. Love Hearts have been used to commemorate all kinds of special occasions in British culture, such as Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding, Prince William's 21st birthday, and especially commissioned candies for Wayne and Coleen Rooney's wedding.

Swizzels have grown to become an integral part of British everyday culture. It's hard to think of anyone who hasn't tried Fizzers, which have been around since the 1930s, Parma Violets or Refreshers. Moreover, the drumstick lollies are a perennial favourite and became an object of cult through the immensely popular crime TV series Kojak, in which the protagonist was constantly sucking a lollipop. Beyond all this history, Swizzels sweets are just delicious, to the point where they are hard to stay away from. With our Swizzels promo code, you don't have to worry about staying away from anything, just redeem your discount and save big time next time you purchase your share of joy bundled up in a package of sweets!

FAQs: How to find Swizzels discounts

  • Personalised Love Hearts from 40p!
  • Christmas sweeties from 80p!
  • Gluten free sweeties from £1
  • UK delivery from £2.60!
  • 3kg of Halloween treats for £11

Swizzels discount codes are sequences of characters or numbers that are attached to special promotions launched every so often by the company to make their products available at even better prices. Once you get hold of the Swizzels discount codes you can enter them in the appropriate box in their online store to unlock the advertised offer. Often the distribution of these codes is made through their social media channels or through the newsletter, thus reaching their affiliated customers first. If you haven't got a voucher or discount code yet just take a look at the list of deals we have listed on this page and choose the one that is right for you.

There are many ways to get hold of a discount code for Swizzels but none of them is as simple as this one: browse the list of deals and discount codes we have made available for you on this page, and click on the one you most fancy. Our team of specialists has assembled this selection, verifying each individual code and link, making certain we advertise only ongoing and up-to-date promotions. So take advantage of this chance and profit from all the hard work we have put into it!

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