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Shopping on The Curl Company

The Curl Company hair products are a specialised hair care line that focuses on, well, curls. But because not all curls are alike, they have a range of products to target every type of hair. Whether you have tight curls or your hair forms more of a coil, The Curl Company has developed a whole treatment for your specific type of hair, which includes The Curl Company shampoo, conditioner, creme gel and styling spray, of course, but also curl cream, curl-defining mousse, curl masque and leave-in conditioner. Check out the amazing Curl Company discount codes we have on offer in our page and earn huge savings the next time you get specialised treatment for your curls.

At The Curl Company they have plenty of love for wavy hair too. A curl-defining mousse and curl cream are but two of the products that will bring your waves to life, leaving them soft and bouncy rather than flat or crunchy. If you want the full-blown Curl Company offer for your hair you need to get the Curl Company Curly Girl Method, a five-product bundle that includes a sulphate-free conditioner, the curl-defining leave-in conditioner, an anti-humidity curl gel, the soften-and-shape curl lotion and the shape-and-define styling creme gel. Join the many girls for whom the curly girl method has become a steeple and may your kink rise in style.

What does The Curl Company offer?

While the customer base of The Curl Company is primarily female, the company's products are equally effective on boys and girls because in reality the target is that wave in your hair, regardless of your gender. The secret behind The Curl Company's range of effective hair care line for curls lies in the primary active ingredient they use: moringa oil. Also known as the tree of life, moringa oil is regarded as one of the most nourishing substances around, in particular, it is used to improve the quality of your scalp, diminishing dandruff, strengthening your hair and softening brittle ends. Moringa oil is easily and quickly absorbed by your hair, avoiding the weighty effect of other products on your curls. If you want to bring your curls to life, choose any of the products clearly marked (in fluorescent pink, no less) with the Curlplex nourishing formula, in which moringa oil plays a key role.

Many people ask, is The Curl Company cruelty-free? Like so many of Creighton's family of brands, The Curl Company abides by cruelty-free procedures in the development of its products. Moreover, no animal traces can be found in their ingredients, making them vegan-friendly too. The full hair care line, including The Curl Company conditioner and The Curl company curls and waves range, is developed and manufactured in the UK, following a strict ethical code, so you can trust The Curl Company to share your principles as well as to enhance your curls.

About The Curl Company

If your hair is straight you might think of curls as one unobtainable entity floating beyond your reach, but anyone with a kink on their hair knows that the space between straight and curly is inhabited by many transitional styles, such as coils and waves. The Curl Company is keenly aware of the various needs people with a curl in their hair might have and therefore they have developed a whole range of products to help you to protect, enhance and totally embrace your luxuriant mane.

The range of products from The Curl Company uses curly-friendly ingredients such as moringa and meadowfoam seed oil to define, de-frizz and protect your curls. Moringa oil carries vitamins, nutrients and omega-rich acids that will bring relief to your scalp and make your curls more beautiful than ever. Bring the natural texture of your hair to the forefront, and help yourself to one of our The Curl Company UK voucher codes to do so at just a fraction of the regular price. Part of the Creightons family of health and beauty, hair care and lifestyle brands, The Curl Company is developed and made in the UK.

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