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Shopping on Waitrose & Partners

Eggs for omelette, as Jose Mourinho so eloquently put it during a press conference years ago, that's what Waitrose are best at. Not just any eggs, nor any omelette, though, these are metaphorical eggs for the best omelette possible, which require the very best eggs in the market, not class 3 or class 2 eggs, but rather the top of the range. Waitrose is the place to go if you're looking for top quality eggs for omelettes, or any other item in your grocery list, from cauliflowers to cold cuts.

Even though you can get anything from household goods to frozen peas, Waitrose is much more than a simple supermarket. Shop online from the impressive cellar or get your banquet for the holiday season delivered to your doorstep with detailed instructions of how to cook it. With Waitrose's knowledge bank you can access a plethora of recipes free of charge. For added convenience, you can also get a beautiful seasonal bouquet arranged and delivered with your Waitrose voucher, or you can accompany your order with the perfect gift, a hamper of delicatessen, a treasure chest of wines or a sampler of great whisky. Waitrose stock gifts for all budgets and occasions, so just visit the website and choose whatever is right for you.

What does Waitrose & Partners offer?

You're engaged with the environment but you're not prepared to make any concessions when it comes to quality. We are, after all, what we eat, and we should therefore only eat the very best. Waitrose agrees with you, not only in principle but very much in practice. That is why the company has made such a concerted effort to put sustainability right back at the centre of, well, the table. For the past decade Waitrose have only stocked free-range eggs (see, Mourinho was on to something) and have lead the industry in raising welfare standards. Sourcing the products it sells responsibly is an essential part of guaranteeing the highest quality standards, which is why if it can't be sourced responsibly, Waitrose will simply not sell it.

Taking food seriously and taking the planet seriously are one and the same thing. Waitrose have pledged to make all own-brand packaging recyclable by 2023 and to remove all hard-to-recycle black plastic by the end of 2019. Moreover, the company has even rebranded to Waitrose and Partners to reflect the fact that all employees own shares in the company. Because for Waitrose, food is personal.

About Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose is perhaps the most recognisable supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, renowned above all for the outstanding quality of its products. Endowed with a royal warrant to supply goods to both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, Waitrose is synonymous with excellence to the point where the brand name has almost grown into a seal of approval and a status symbol: if you want the best you shop at Waitrose, and if you find it at Waitrose then you can trust it to be more than just good!

Part of the John Lewis group, Waitrose has a chain of close to 350 shops spread across the United Kingdom, including 65 smaller convenience stores, specifically designed to reproduce the quality of any of the larger shops with the added bonus of a quicker and altogether easier shopping experience. Added to that, the website makes the full range of Waitrose offers available to its customers from the comfort of their home. At not only can you shop for groceries, you can find a great variety of meals to suit any occasion. Whether you're entertaining friends at a small gathering or having the whole family over for Christmas dinner, Waitrose is there for you to bring all you need and even to guide you through the cooking process with their detailed recipes. So what are you waiting for to grab one of our Waitrose discount codes and profit from the free delivery service in their groceries and entertainment sections?

Waitrose & Partners history

The name Waitrose has been trading at the top of the British groceries market since the beginning of the 20th century. Established in 1904 by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor, the shop originally bore the surname of all three partners and had its first physical presence in Acton Market, London. After David Taylor left the firm in 1906, the remaining two partners came up with the combined name of Waitrose: it's been more than one hundred years, and still the blend rolls off the tongue as a standard of excellence.

By the mid 1930s Waitrose had grown into a chain of 10 stores and more than 150 employees. Briefly before the start of the Second World War, the enterprise was bought by John Lewis, to which it belongs to this day. John Lewis, which at the time had one of the most distinguished department stores in London, developed its groceries business using Waitrose's superb reputation. Over the years the company grew both organically and through acquisitions, expanding towards other areas of southern England, outside of London. With the new millennium the partnership ventured towards the North of England and also entered the Scottish market for the first time. Today Waitrose is an easily recognisable name across the country, and though the total market share of Waitrose sits just above the 5% mark, this niche positioning contributes to the company's image of exclusivity.

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  • Seafood - up to 30% off

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