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Shopping on Warranty Direct

Warranty Direct specialise in breakdown and mechanical insurance for used vehicles, specifically those no longer covered by the standard manufacturer's warranty. Each car maker applies slightly different criteria for their own standard warranty, with three years or 60,000 miles usually acting as the benchmark. But cars in the 21st century last much longer than they used to, and certainly longer than either of those two limits.

If you own or buy a vehicle that is no longer covered by the manufacturer warranty, you need to take a look at the range of policies available from Warranty Direct. Every product comes with a mandatory "core" coverage that includes the engine, gearbox, transmission, flywheels and computers among other elements.

Almost as important as knowing what is covered by your policy is knowing what is not covered by the insurance. With this provider, everything is clearly specified in black and white from the start. So you know from the word go that if your ECU or car computer has an upgrade or revised software, it won't be covered by your policy. Neither will be auxiliary belts, hoses and pipes, the clutch plate, engine covers or the actual body of your vehicle.

A great feature of their insurance policies is that you have optional add-ons you can play with to tailor your coverage. For instance, if you have a fancy sound system that you wish to insure, you can add multimedia system protection, or you might want to protect the catalytic converters of your engine, in which case the emissions protection is your best choice. Whether you go for the basic core, core plus or any other add-on, make sure to browse this page for a Warranty Direct promo code to pay less for your warranty.

What does Warranty Direct offer?

If your car, van or bike has exceeded the age or mileage limits covered by the standard manufacturer's warranty, you should consider taking out an additional insurance policy. Make sure you don't end up having to shoulder the repair costs should a significant mechanical problem affect your vehicle. Head to their website and use their simple quote tool for a free consultation as to how much an extended warranty might set you back, but remember that a Warranty Direct promo code could save you a pretty penny.

One consideration often used against taking out additional insurance for a used car is that technological progress has improved the performance and reliability of modern cars. While most standard warranties are valid for 3 years or 60,000 miles, you can almost bank on your car running smoothly for 5 years and more than 100,000 miles. So what's the point?

In mechanical terms, this argument could be valid. But there is a key point it ignores: unlike old (and unreliable) cars, modern vehicles rely mostly on electronic systems that are both delicate and sophisticated. Put simply, before cars used to break down all the time but they could be mended cheaply by just about anyone. These days, breakdowns are less common, but solving the problem once it arises requires a specialised and often expensive garage.

Extended warranty covers you from unforeseen expenses when you need it most. What is more, products, such as GAP insurance, also mean that should your car be written-off by your regular insurer, your payout will be for the purchase price of the car, bridging the gap between that and the current market value (hence the name, see!). Protect your assets with extended warranty and make sure you get the best value-for-coverage with a Warranty Direct discount code from this page.

About Warranty Direct

Warranty Direct are one of the most trusted providers of extended warranties for used cars, bikes and vans. For more than twenty years, they have offered innovative products to British consumers to make the purchase of a used car, whether from a dealer or a private owner, a safer and less risk-prone activity.

If you're thinking of getting a second-hand motor, you should probably be thinking of getting extensive warranty too, which is what these guys are there for. In the UK, every new car must come with a standard 3-year warranty from the factory, which includes just about every mechanical and electrical issue you might encounter. But what happens when you get a second-hand car, which has exceeded the time or mileage limitations from its original warranty?

It would be unwise to assume all the risk on your own, even if you expect your wheels to be in tip-top condition. That's why you need to rely on a trusted third-party warranty provider to have your back. Warranty Direct are among the industry leaders, thanks to a track record of excellence that goes back all the way to 1997 with reliable products that are easy to understand.

Since 2008, they have been under the control of banking giant BNP Paribas, who are the underwriters of all their policies. Your peace of mind is worth an insurance policy but with a Warranty Direct promo code, you won't have to overpay for it. Take a look at the deals we have listed for you on this page and start saving.

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