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What does Warwick Castle offer?

However far you travel to reach Warwick Castle it will be worth it to see years of history come to life before your eyes.

This castle is steeped in history and has remained preserved in time. It has been around for over 1,100 years but has all the mod cons to make your stay just perfect. Don't forget to get a discount on your tickets for Warwick Castle.

About Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle has such a long and varied history. It started back in 914 when on the site there was an Anglo-Saxon burh. A burh was a fortified settlement. It was originally designed to protect against the Danes by Ethelfleda the daughter of Alfred the Great. The site was chosen because of its advantageous position.

In 1068 a motte-and-bailey castle was originally built by William the Conqueror after the Norman conquest of England. A motte-and-bailey castle has a mound called a motte where there is generally a tower as a lookout and a bailey which is the enclosed and protected courtyard.

The castle was used to protect the Midlands against rebellion as he continued north. Its position on the bend of the River Avon meant that over time the rock the castle stands on was eroded which in turn formed a cliff. Nature provided them with the best defences, the river and cliff.

William made Henry de Beaumont the constable of the castle. Henry who came from a very powerful Norman family in 1088 was to become the first Earl of Warwick. He founded the Church of All Saints inside the castle in 1119, although it was removed by the Bishop of Worcester who didn't think a castle was the right place for a church around 1127.

Warwick School was founded inside the castle around this time. This makes it most likely the oldest boys' school in the country. It is still there and can be seen from all the castle's towers.

The castle was taken over in 1153 by the invading army of Henry of Anjou, who would later become King Henry II of England. The wife of Roger de Beaumont who was the 2nd Earl of Warwick was made to believe that her husband was dead so she surrendered the castle. Unfortunately, the Earl did die when he heard the news. The castle was eventually handed back to the Earls of Warwick by King Henry.

It was around this time that the castle was made into a stone keep castle. The castle and lands remained in the Beaumont family being passed down generation to generation until 1242.

The castle changed hands various times during the next few decades. When William Maudit died in 1267 the castle then passed down to his nephew William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick. Over the next 180 years and 7 generations, the castle belonged to the Beauchamp family.

The reign of the Beauchamp Earls ended in 1449 with the death of Anne de Beauchamp the 15th Countess of Warwick. The castle was passed to Richard Neville as his wife had inherited the title. Neville decided to rebel against King Edward IV of England and he confined him in Warwick Castle. He tried to rule in the King's name but was unsuccessful and had to release the King. Neville died fighting against the King during the Wars of the Roses in 1471.

From here the castle passed to his son-in-law, George Plantagenet who was executed in 1478. He left the castle to his son who was only 2 at the time. The land was taken by The Crown and King Henry VII of England held George prisoner in the Tower of London for 14 years. He was then executed for supposed treason.

The castle fell into disrepair as it was neglected over the following decades. Castles were no longer the fashion and they started turning these buildings into large homes for the upper class or else a lot were being abandoned.

King James I gave the castle to Sir Fulke Greville in 1604 and it became a country residence. It stayed in the Greville family for 374 years.

Warwick Castle history

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