Green Friday

Green Friday

BravoVoucher has planted a tree for every purchase made between Black Friday and Christmas 2021!

Our forest has more than 650,000 planted trees.
Green Friday
Green Friday

Green Friday

We would like to share the success achieved in the Green Friday initiative, thanking you and all the brands that took part in the event that allowed us to reach our goal! Starting from April 2021, we have managed to plant over 260,000 trees. In the Green Friday 2019 event we have added an extra 100,000 trees for a total of more than 360,000 units!

The Green Friday initiative started in 2019.

We have decided to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects, an international non-profit organisation that works in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya and other poor regions of the world following the terrible fires that devastated the Amazon and other regions of the Earth.

Eden Reforestation Projects provides the local population with a fair salary to plant, cultivate and protect trees, thus combating deforestation and at the same time helping to improve the lives of people living in countries of lower socio-economical status.

The Green Friday initiative specifically focused on two Kenyan areas: Marereni and Kurawa.

Green Friday

Eco-sustainable shopping was our goal

The Green Friday initiative was also launched to promote eco-sustainable online shopping. From November 26th to December 25th 2021, Bravo Saving Network planted a tree for each members’ purchase made through its portals,,,,,,,, and

Together we have reached a goal that exceeded our expectations: since April 2022, we have managed to plant over 300,000 trees in a large area of ​​Kenya, helping thousands of families in the process.

We would like to thank our partner Eden Reforestation Projects for planting over 650,000 trees in just three years!

Thank you for helping us make the world greener by using our special discounts and offers available on BravoVoucher for your Christmas shopping!

Legal Notices

Bravo Savings Network is owned by Webravo S.R.L. Thanks to the partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects (, Webravo S.R.L. will donate a tree for every purchase made at participating brands, which are identifiable on the website by a round green symbol with a tree. This donation (to plant a tree for every purchase made) will be valid for purchases correctly confirmed and traced that are not returned or reimbursed. According to the agreement made with Eden Reforestation Projects, Webravo S.R.L. reserves the right not to follow through with the donation in the following circumstances:

  • An incident of Force majeure that prevents the other Party from properly performing the agreement that has lasted more than 30 days.
  • An incident of Force majeure (as above) that will last more than 60 days.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Company closure.
In the event that Eden Reforestation Projects is unable to complete their initiative, Webravo S.R.L. will donate the remaining funds to an alternative non-profit organisation that helps sustain the environment, or to another non profit organisation of their choice.