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Black Friday Deals

It's that time of the year again when seemingly everyone starts talking about Black Friday. In case you've been living in a hole in the ground for the last decade and you're sat there asking yourself what is Black Friday, we're talking about the busiest and consequently, the most anticipated, single day for retailers in the western world. That's right, more than Mother's Day; more than Christmas; more than anything. So, the questions on everyone's lips, when is Black Friday and why is it called Black Friday anyway?

Where does Black Friday come from

Black Friday originated in the United States and is linked to a very American festivity: Thanksgiving. If the latter is a day to spend with the rest of the family, giving thanks for the year's blessings and celebrating in the company of loved ones who perhaps aren't always as close as you'd like them to be, Black Friday is the radical opposite: a day to allow the shameless consumer in you to roam free and take over. The fact that one follows immediately after the other is probably not coincidental. We all know Uncle Cholmondeley and Auntie Sally both mean well, but, after spending the day with them, you remember why you only do this once a year, and having avoided the worst, you have also earned the right to go out on the most gratifying of the year's shopping sprees!

Ok, enough chat, we can hear you asking again, so when is it Black Friday?? Held annually on the fourth Friday of November, Black Friday 2022 falls on 25 November. No one knows exactly why Black Friday is called Black Friday, rather than blue or green, though it's often said that retailers' accounts are bumped out of the red and into the black on this day. At the end of the day, though, it's just one of those names, like Boxing Day, for which everyone seems to have a different explanation.

Black Friday history aside, though, in recent times, this date has come to signal the start of the Christmas shopping season, and the savviest shoppers will have marked the date months, sometimes even years, in advance, and will be counting down the days to the big occasion. Despite its name, you may be surprised (even overjoyed) to hear the answer to how long does Black Friday last. Extending further than just Friday, the avalanche of deals flows all the way over into Sunday. If you've already dabbled in the excitement of Black Friday UK last year, along with millions of other shoppers, you'll know that there are some huge discounts to be had from the biggest retailers in the world.

The Best Black Friday Deals

This year, we’re helping you get the best deals on your favourite products from the most coveted brands and giving you all the best tips for your shopping, so make sure you cash-in on one of our Black Friday discounts and get your Christmas shopping off to a flying start. If you're on the hunt for fantastic sales, Black Friday is the best time to start! Here's a small list of the very best Black Friday 2022 UK deals for you to enjoy! 

Looking for the best stylish winter fashion deals? Why not give your wardrobe a fresh winter look with some great Black Friday clothing deals! It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic winter coat or a trendsetting hat, you can get all of the latest pieces for your wardrobe today for less with a Peacocks Black Friday deal. If a bargain is what you're really after, no one does good quality cheaper than TK Maxx. Whether you're looking for jewellery, kids' clothes and accessories or an upgrade to your homeware, you're sure to be tempted by these great TK Maxx Black Friday discounts. From ASOS to Nike, River Island to Mountain Warehouse, whether you're looking for loungewear amongst the Boohoo discounts or wanting to step out in style with new footwear using a Hotter Shoes bargain, we've got you covered. They've got everything from winter boots to comfy trainers.

Fashion is all about making a statement, but you have to choose carefully to strike the right tone. Fashion accessories are a subtle yet effective way to do so. Step out of the ordinary with some quirky designs and bold colour patterns made available to you at the best prices with these inventive Redbubble Black Friday ideas, combine with a Black Friday promo code to save even more on your order. We all have a bit of the quirk inside us – it's no use denying it – just that some choose to show it, while others prefer to keep it under the covers. Whichever one describes you best, you do know that just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to go without suitable sunglasses. The sun might not bring much heat this time of year but it still makes you wince when it shines in your eyes! So why not profit from these glaring Ray-Ban Black Friday offers and face the cold in style.

Now that the festive season has officially started, the time has come to get ready on all fronts. The wardrobe might be sorted with our suggestions above but if you're going to be attending all those Christmas parties, you're going to have to look the part day in, day out. Help yourself to a helping hand – we all need a little extra help from our friends sometimes – and profit from some stunning Black Friday make-up deals. Whether it's an early morning rub to wash off the wear and tear of the night before or a fancy, glittery add-on to bring some sparkle at the end of the long day, take a peek at these LOOKFANTASTIC Black Friday vouchers. Get all your cosmetic, beauty and fragrance products at the lowest price around so you can look your best and brim with confidence this Christmas. Grab a Black Friday discount on makeup while you can!

But the festive season is also the time to share with others, not just to buy for yourself. Getting the right gift for the people you love – and maybe for those you don't love that much but you're forced to include in your shopping list – can be a tricky business. Here's a couple of ideas, though: what about browsing the Lego Black Friday offers for inspiration? You're guaranteed to have fun doing it, and, who knows, you might just run into that elusive bargain you were looking for. Just remember, these are not just toys, Lego is serious business!

Another fabulous source of Christmas gift ideas can be found at The Royal Mint Black Friday bargains. Seize the day and get yourself a memento to remember it! Here you will find a wide array of commemorative coins, medallions and all kinds of paraphernalia to indulge your nostalgic self. Unless you're more into the future than into the past.

If technology is your thing, you don't really have to wait until Cyber Monday to get the latest gadgets, because Black Friday is all about getting the best deals on whatever you want. Hunt for the best Black Friday TV deals and profit from superb discounts on cameras, laptops or mobile phones. Nor do you have to limit yourself to small items: online at, you'll find any electronic product you can think of, from large kitchen appliances to smart technology, vacuum cleaners and even gardening tools on sale. Head to our comprehensive list of Huawei Black Friday vouchers too and grab a fantastic deal on the latest phone, tablet or laptop! Huawei have some of the leading tech in the industry including the outstanding cameras on their phones! Whilst we're talking about tech and all things electrical, you have to check out our Currys Black Friday discount codes. Whether you're on the hunt for TVs, the latest gaming item whether you're more a PS5 player or an Xbox fan, AirPods, Nintendo - basically anything - Currys is going to have it and with a Black Friday promo code, you can save on already low prices.

We believe that the Christmas season is the season to make savings, so if you’ve got a gift list as long as Father Christmas’ - don’t worry! You can get everything you need with an Amazon Black Friday 2022 deal. They’ve got the perfect gifts for fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and friends! Besides, shopping at Amazon isn't only quick, it's safe and convenient too. Profit from their shipping options and preserve your peace of mind when you shop in the knowledge that should anything go wrong, you can rely on the customer service of a huge operation to ensure your full satisfaction. With all these juicy deals available, you may be asking yourself when does Amazon Black Friday start? Well, hurry on over to their site as they already have countdown deals on offer from November 1st! With an Amazon Prime account, you can get free delivery on most items plus it's super speedy!

If you're hurrying home for Christmas, you should definitely check out the TUI Black Friday travel offers we've found, so the spare pennies you save can be to put toward dazzling family and friends with fantastic gifts. Or, if you're looking for an escape, why not book a relaxing getaway with one of these First Choice Black Friday discount codes and spend the winter months lounging in the sunshine.

What to Buy on Black Friday

If you, like many of us, are overwhelmed with the sheer choice of stores running Black Friday deals, check out this handy collection of popular stores we've put together. We've selected top brands from across the categories so you can surf in the knowledge you're getting fantastic prices for quality items. Check out these stores for some amazing deals, Black Friday or not!

Why not take a look at our Green Friday page to find out how to make your shopping more eco-friendly this year and keep your conscious clear as you cruise the Black Friday sales.

Christmas shopping has never been easier with the best Black Friday discount codes and deals 2022. So what are you waiting for? It’s fastest fingers first, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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