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Cyber Monday Sales

So here you are, sitting – no, vegetating – on your couch on a Sunday evening, exhausted and yet pleased by the accomplishments of the week. The excitement and the chaos of Black Friday are behind you. All that's left are your new toys and all that empty packaging you still need to take to the recycling bin. At least you know all this shopping malarkey is over and you can look forward to a peaceful week, right? Right? Wrong! 'Cause before the dust has settled in the wake of Black Friday, you already have Cyber Monday following hard on its heels, and this is an opportunity you really don't want to miss.

What and When Is Cyber Monday?

In many ways, Cyber Monday is just a spillover from Black Friday, a shopping landmark that extends the biggest spending spree in the retail sector. The idea originated in the early years of the 2000s, when consumer behaviour indicated that, after window shopping on the weekend following Thanksgiving, people would try to get a better deal online for the products they wanted.

But why have a Cyber Monday when you can have a Cyber Week? That's right, Cyber Monday has evolved into an unmissable week of online discounts, which are simply too good to pass up on. One thing this trend has accomplished is making people all around the world excited about the arrival of Monday, undoubtedly the most reviled of days over the course of the remaining 51 weeks of the year. This week, though, and for one week only, Monday is the star of the show!

Right, so when is Cyber Monday in 2021? This year, your Cyber Monday date is on 29 November and carries on for a full week. While typically electronics deals are the frontrunner on what goes on sale on Cyber Monday, you'd be mad to think other brands from across the categories haven't jumped on the bandwagon. Today, most of the biggest online retailers in the world launch great fashion Cyber Monday offers so you can get your Winter wardrobe in for less. Don't be fooled into thinking it's women's clothing only, you'll find deals across the board for men and kids too. Another popular market segment that has fully embraced the Cyber Week concept is that of household goods, with many traders advertising a great variety of amazing homeware Cyber Monday discounts. With so many incredible sales available, there’s no way you could make the most of them in just one day!

But Are Deals Better on Cyber Monday?

Many of you may be sat there asking yourself is Cyber Monday better than Black Friday or if there's any difference at all! Over the years, the distinction between Cyber Monday and Black Friday has become progressively more blurred, now that access to fast Internet connections has become commonplace and Black Friday is no longer a 24-hour affair. And yet, even as deals for both of them often remain valid for a full week and more, there's one main distinction that remains intact: Cyber Monday deals can only be accessed online. You won't find these exclusive offers in store.

If the crowds and mayhem of Black Friday scare you away, you'll love Cyber Monday. The beauty of online shopping is that you get to scroll from the comfort of your own home. That means no queues, no frantically scrambling for items, you can even chill out in pyjamas and slippers if your heart so desires! All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your doorbell to ring as your orders make their way on over to you. Perhaps the king of speedy delivery is the retail giant Amazon. Get a Prime account and hundreds of items will be up for free next day delivery. Argos are also great if you're looking for flexibility over delivery. For a huge range of products, you'll get the option to pick a time slot so you don't have to worry about coming home to find that dreaded 'missed delivery' note, they'll work around your timetable.

So the answer to your question is it worth waiting for Cyber Monday is a definitive yes!

The Best Cyber Monday Deals

This year, we’re making it easy for you: we’ve got loads of top Cyber Week 2021 deals available, so you can get the product you want, at the best price possible, all in just a few clicks. Combine with some of the fantastic vouchers we've found and you've hit the saving jackpot. Here we have gathered all the best deals of the Cyber Monday sales 2021 to for you to enjoy!

Keep faithful to the roots of Cyber Monday and browse the list of new gadgets and technology Cyber Monday 2021 deals we have selected for you. You can get all of your gadgets in one place, at the right price for you with your Currys PC World Cyber Monday deals. With unbelievable Cyber Monday TV deals, as well as the latest smartphones, tablet, and games consoles at the best prices, you can save even more with a discount code and get your gadgets for a real bargain. So make sure your alarm is set extra early on Monday 29 November to treat yourself or buy a gift for someone else at Currys PC World. Their Cyber Monday UK 2021 package is so good you’ll be pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming!

If you're after a new audio system, take a peek at these fabulous JBL Cyber Monday sales, with the most sophisticated speakers, headphones and subwoofers going for unbelievable prices. Take your levels of hipsterism up one notch by adding sound you can see to your home sound system and get ready to party, even when you're on your own. And while you're upgrading your home equipment, why not lookout for the best Dyson Cyber Monday deals? Your vacuum cleaner might be just fine, but did you know Dyson have enhanced their brand to encompass cooling fans and heaters, hairdryers and stylers, suspended light systems and even a burgeoning electric car concept?

Cyber Monday UK is the perfect moment to get up to speed with the latest IT fashion. Hit the ground running with some spectacular Microsoft Cyber Monday discounts. With Microsoft having long joined the constellation of the best hardware producers in the world, you can get much more than just a subscription to Windows or Office: you can cash in on some Cyber Monday laptop deals with the latest 2-in-1 Surface range, or if you're a gamer, you can score great savings on games and consoles on sale now. Another great source of IT bargains is the HP website, where you will find all sorts of HP Cyber Week deals. Anything from mobile work stations to office desktops, gaming laptops or simple tablets is subject to promotional discounts.

If what you're looking for is the best Cyber Monday PC deals, it might be a good idea to check out these special Lenovo discount codes, with tremendous markdowns being advertised on a wide range of desktops, tablets and, of course, monitors. Lenovo also has the smartest technology, applying it to all sorts of items, from gadgets, mirage cameras, 21st-century alarm clocks, smart displays to smartphones +.

While on the subject of phones, smart or otherwise, you should definitely check out the Carphone Warehouse Cyber Monday deals. With new iPhones and Androids popping up left, right and centre, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to keep up with the trends. Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll definitely have heard about EE. Not only are they No.1 for 5G, but they've also been the UK's No.1 network for 7 years in a row! Take a browse through the EE Cyber Monday deals and see what the hype is all bout.

If you're on the hunt for broadband too, why not check out the BT Shop Cyber Monday offer? Take a look at the selection of BT discounts and voucher codes available and get your smartphone or broadband extender for the very best prices. Not only that, at BT Shop, you can find a vast array of products from a host of partners, from soundbars to computer components. While we all know it's important to have access to quick and reliable Internet and to have the latest technology to go with it, it's also crucial to be protected when you go online. Grab your NordVPN Cyber Monday promo code and get the most effective shield in the business. Don't let hackers or surveillance agencies into the secrets of your private files!

With the summer well and truly over, October has flown by and the winter is more than halfway here, perhaps it's time to check out the best ebuyer Cyber Monday shopping options to stock up on your winter essentials. Having said that, sometimes the best way to deal with unwanted things is moving away from them so perhaps some travel deals are in order. Are flights cheaper on Cyber Monday you ask? Of course! The time is ripe for a quick getaway for some winter sun! With these TUI Cyber Monday flight deals, you can get some incredible prices on flights around the world. What's more, savings aren't only restricted to flights: on the website you will also find irresistibleCyber Monday hotels deals! Maybe it’s a surprise weekend in Barcelona or a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas in New York. Wherever you’re going, you're sure to get a ton of photos, so keep this link to all the Cyber Monday UK sales to print your memories and keep them close to you at all times.

Why not take a look at our Green Friday page to find out how to make your shopping more eco-friendly this year. Shop and spend with a clearer conscience.

Time is ticking on how many days till Cyber Monday! Whatever you need, you can get it for less by browsing our fantastic collection of Cyber Week 2021 deals!

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