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Spring has arrived and Easter 2021, the first big festivity of the year, is just around the corner. Every year, between March and April, the world just stops for all of us to recharge batteries and spend some quality time together with our families and loved ones during the holidays. Schools and universities tie their terms to the Easter break and across the country people travel from one place to the other, tracing back the steps that have taken them from their roots to their habitual place of residence to celebrate with their kin in the place they once called home.

But why is this festivity such a big deal? This year, even as we open our Easter gifts in a more sedate environment, what are we celebrating? The origin of this special day is as old as Christian religion, if not older, as this annual celebration marks the most important point in the Christian calendar. A great opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved downtime, the Easter break commemorates the death and resurrection of Christ on Good Friday and Easter Sunday respectively. Perhaps such an old and distant origin explains why there is no fixed date for this occasion: after all, this is also the most famous moveable feast in the year, making it quite tricky to know exactly when we should get a move on and get that Easter basket sorted out. So before this gets any more confusing, let's establish when is Easter Sunday.  

What Date Is Easter Weekend 2021? 

Easter Sunday falls on 4 April 2021, which means Good Friday 2021 is on 2 April. Like all bank holidays, though, the date is calculated well in advance. In fact, you could figure out exactly when it will be for the next thousand years if you wanted. While the date varies every year, there are specific rules to determine when it is celebrated. It's not like someone just chooses a date at random and says, 'right, this will be Easter weekend this year'. Like most rules, these are long, complicated and rather boring but let's just say it all boils down to the moon and its cycle: Easter Sunday always follows immediately after the first full moon of the spring, which is marked by the spring equinox on 21 March.

So now and forever you know that so long as it's winter, you needn't worry about those Easter presents, but as soon as spring shows its face, you'd better have a plan in place to get your gifts. Luckily, that's exactly what we're here for, to point you towards the most convenient Easter 2021 deals. Everyone needs inspiration when it comes to Easter eggs. Such an unusual tradition, right? Yet we all have been delighted with a surprise egg shape chocolate at some point in life. If you want to be original and give your own twist, this might be your best chance because it's unlikely any Easter will ever be like the one in 2021. We have some great tips and Easter egg card ideas, but before we get there let's deal with the big elephant in the room, shall we?

Why Do We Have Easter Eggs?   

Nothing says Easter like Easter eggs, but if this is supposed to be the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, what's an egg got to do with it? Well, there's more to it than you might initially think. On the one hand, some say that the egg stands for Christ's empty tomb. Another theory links the egg to fertility, claiming that festivity is just the Christian variation of a pre-existing celebration of spring. Speculation aside, though, there is one very obvious reason why Christians would turn to eggs, be they real or chocolate ones, to celebrate, and that is the fact that this special occasion brings an end to the fasting period known as Lent. During 40 days leading up to this celebration, Christians of all denominations are supposed to give up the pleasures of this world, such as hearty food, therefore they would not be allowed to eat eggs or chocolate during this period. It's perfectly natural, then, that the end of this spell of fasting should be marked by a feast like no other in which eggs, chocolate and everything else ought to be included.

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Easter weekend is the time for you to take a well-earned break, so treat yourself this year, and take advantage of our collection of deals available.