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Every year schools across Great Britain enter a brief holiday period at a seemingly incongruous moment, and all of a sudden the race is on to find the best solution to spend quality time as a family and simultaneously give the children a memorable ride. After all, they're the reason why we celebrate in the first place! A peculiarity of the subdivision of the school year in all of the United Kingdom is that it's divided into three sections or terms, rather than two halves or the four parts that correspond to the seasons of the year. In part this is due to the lengthy summer pause, itself a hangover from the agricultural era, when schooling would have played second fiddle to harvesting. Either way, it means that rather than the traditional terms of Hilary, Easter, Trinity and Michaelmas the school year is now divided into three seasonal terms (autumn, spring and summer) that don't fully overlap with the actual seasons. On second thought, then, considering that the school year in England, Wales and Scotland is almost universally split into three terms, the timing of the half-term holidays isn't quite as arbitrary as it might initially seem (though confusion might still arise, because terms and half terms run at slightly different times in Scotland). So, the half terms is here, the time has come when airports, parks and restaurants suddenly get swarmed with children, and this can only mean one thing: you have to come up with something fun, original and relatively inexpensive to do over approximately nine days. Luckily we're here to give you a little bit of guidance. Take a look at our suggestions and get some inspiration for your half term break!

What To Do During Half Term?

Half term, also known in less reputable quarters as the limbo between one proper holiday and the next, is (finally!) here and to celebrate you get to spend some quality time with the children. But while they might be making the most of every minute they spend away from school, you are left with the task of figuring out what to do to (a) tire them; (b) entertain them; and, no less importantly, (c) enjoy them! Your children will have been counting down the days to get to this point, and while we're sure you have been too, it's now down to you to meet their expectations (so no pressure).

Luckily we're here to give you some guidance not just in terms of the best activities to achieve the three goals set out above but also to do so without having to break the bank. Take a look at the fantastic offers we have selected for you in the Kids section of our site and get fresh ideas to please your children beyond measure. Keeping the children happy, though, doesn't have to mean everyone else in the family needs to be miserable. Check out our Leisure deals and discover myriad alternatives you can explore to fill yourself and the rest of the clan with gladness. It could be a concert, a sport match, an adventure or day out in a theme park, we've got all that and more from you to choose from. Going back to the initial plan, though, you have to remember to tire the kids sufficiently to earn some peaceful time come the evening, so why not take a look at our Sport deals. After all, a day out in the open never hurt anyone. If you feel like going all in during this half term, though, then we suggest you dig deep into our Travel offers because while a full week with no school or other matters to distract you sounds like the perfect moment to unwind, you want to be able to do it the right way, in style but without having to take out a mortgage to pay for it.

The Best Deals this Half Term

Half term might not be all about the kids, but you have to agree that at least to some extent it is. So why not treat them to something they will appreciate for a long time? After all, they've worked far to get this far, and they deserve it. Take a look at the unbelievable half term LEGO deals we have in store and help them to develop their imagination while they have a good time. A classic toy can also trigger a lifelong hobby, and while half term is not necessarily about further educating your children, every new experience opens a door into world of possibilities. With our irresistible half term promotions you could be unlocking a passion that might, if you're lucky, buy you a few hours of silence. The likelihoos is, though, that you'll be the one solving the puzzle till the small hours of the night while in the other room the kids cluster around the Play Station and the new games you got them thanks to our many GAME discount codes.

Half term is the perfect opportunity to stay home and see the places that articulate your daily routine in a different light. Prepare for a thrilling stay-cation and bring back the magic to you relationship to the city that once made your heart race. Grab a 365 Tickets voucher and earn great savings next time you book your tickets online. Try the charm of travelling by boat when you're in london, or else visit the London Zoo for less than the regular price. At 365 Tickets they have all sorts of attractions on offer, from sightseeing buses in a number of cities to spectacular sites such as Edinburgh Castle or, if you're planning to throw the house out the window, even places of interest in foreign cities such as Paris. Just remember, when in Paris with the kids Disney is pretty much a must. Luckily we have tremendous deals for Walt Disney Travel Company which will make an extravaganza of this kind affordable.

While we're at it, though, let's think big. Nothing is worse than going on holidays abroad with the kids and having to worry about insurance and accommodation and all the little details that in English are already a chore but in any other language can so quickly turn into a nightmare. If what you're looking for is a perfectly structured break away from home then you'd be well advised to look at the TUI half term promo codes we have listed in our Travel section. With such a trustworthy partner, you really can't go wrong. If you prefer the flexibility and the sense of freedom afforded by a trip in which you are in charge of every detail, then do yourself a favour and at the very least use one of the discount codes we have available when you make your booking. Your bank account will be grateful, but you don't really have to thanks us!

Should all of the above fail to work, we still have a joker up our sleeve. Make the most of the NOW TV discounts we have currently listed and get the entertainment pass or the sky Sports package and get ready to slouch on the sofa (with or without the kids) for a full week running. Because, you know what? You deserve it!

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