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Christmas Deals 2021

Christmas is a magical time of year. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, the Christmas lights are shining bright in every corner and there's this intangible feeling of joy and empathy bringing together the people as one. It's truly remarkable how tradition dictates the mood in this way, or maybe it really is something about the season that triggers the uncanny. Who knows! But for one reason or another, the time around Christmas has always been considered a critical moment in the year, a time of special, almost mystical, connections that has to be respected and celebrated in equal measure. In fact, there are so many festivities from completely disparate cultural backgrounds happening roughly at the same time that we have come to call the Christmas period the Holiday Season. But what other holidays are celebrated at this time?

Christmas Time or Holiday Season, What's the Difference?

Christmas has become such an enormous festivity in the West, not least because it is the time of giving, which translates as a massive boost above all to the retail sector in most western countries. However, partly because of this, we often forget that Christmas isn't even the most important festivity in the Christian religion—Easter is. Quite apart from this curious fact, there are many other festivities from other cultures and religions that take place at the same time. Most notably, there's Hanukkah in Judaism, the festival of light, which is celebrated at some point between late November and late December on a yearly basis.

But that's not all: the Romans used to have a huge feast in honour of the ancient God Saturn around this time of the year, a full week of utter excess which would come to an end on December 23. And while the dominant culture of Rome celebrated the Saturnalia in the days leading up to the winter solstice, the pagan tribes, especially those of northern Europe had a similar festivity of their own: Yuletide. Starting on the day of the solstice (December 24, Yule), a period of 12 days would follow marked in particular by a propensity for the supernatural, with phenomena such as the Wild Hunt taking place during these days and tribute being paid to the mystical god Odin.

Indeed, the impact of Yuletide became so widespread that it might well have influenced the powers that be in the early Christian church in its decision to pinpoint December 24, the winter solstice, as the date of birth of Jesus Christ. Not only that but if you count the days from Christmas to Epiphany (spoiler alert: also called Twelfth Night) you can see that the 12 days of Yuletide have been neatly placed to mark the beginning and end of Christmas time or, rather, Christmastide. Granted, you're not very likely to find many people having a bacchanal in the memory of Saturn or celebrating Odin next December, but with all these influences, it's no wonder that we have come to call the period Holiday Season rather than just Christmas Shopping Time!

So When Do Christmas Offers Start?

For many shops, once the Black Friday craze at the end of November has passed, Christmas comes knocking. Indeed, it seems as though as soon as the clock turns 00:01 on the 1st of December, Christmas trees start popping up by themselves, fairy lights suddenly stretch out above shop windows, Christmas cards start piling in through the letterbox like a scene from Harry Potter and the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread floats through the air. December is definitely the time to get online and get the best price on your gifts. Whether you're a student on a budget or simply cruising for a great deal, you'd be silly to pass up on the Christmas promotions. Plus, many brands will be offering free delivery! When it comes to making your purchase, the earlier the better as the post office parcels will start piling up. So once you see a deal, grab it with both hands!

This Christmas, Give with Abandon and Save Big Time

All I want for Christmas is… a huge saving! We know you want to treat your friends and family to some truly memorable gifts, but it can be stressful managing your budget, not to mention the chaotic days of shopping. T’is the season to be jolly, and it’s also the season to make great savings! We’re here to take away the stress of your Christmas shopping, with fantastic Christmas deals and offers from your favourite retailers. So sit back, grab yourself a mince pie, forget rushing to the store and buy all of your Christmas presents online from the comfort of your home. This way you can give the perfect Christmas gifts and save money while you’re at it! It's never too early to get on the Christmas shopping, so why not start today and stay ahead of the delivery madness!

For many, Christmas dinner is the highlight of the holiday season but getting the food you want for it can be stressful and expensive. Whether it’s a traditional turkey, a classic Christmas pudding, or a healthier option, we’ve got Christmas discounts from a huge range of quality retailers. So, why not pick up a Muscle Food discount code and enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner for less this year. You can even save on your drinks order when you grab a Laithwaites discount code and get all the beer and wine you need to have a very Merry Christmas! Plus get them delivered for free when you buy 18+ bottles!

Finding Christmas gifts for your family and friends can be hard with so many people to buy for. Luckily, you can get all of your Christmas presents in one place at Argos, and make a saving with an Argos discount code! Whether it’s homeware, toys, or electronics, Argos' huge selection of products are all accessible on one site - Christmas shopping has never been easier with our Christmas deals!

Father Christmas and his reindeer are preparing for another long night of delivering presents, but you don’t need to wait this year. We’ve got loads of tech offers available, so check out our Currys PC World vouchers, and get your tablets, TVs, speakers, and more delivered straight to your door for less with our Christmas discounts. Alternatively, you know what makes for a perfect Christmas gift? A new mobile phone with a great plan. Check out our EE promo codes and make the most of them this holiday season, treating a loved one or even yourself to a gift that, apart from everything else, is actually useful, for a change!

Get your Christmas outfit for less this year with our top clothing discounts from Debenhams, PrettyLittleThing, and more and steal the show at your Christmas party. Once you’ve got your outfit, why not grab yourself some stunning make-up with a LOOKFANTASTIC discount code, so you’re all ready for your moment under the mistletoe! With a huge range of beauty brands either on sale or greatly discounted, you can shop and save all at the same time!

Why not do something different this year and grab a Christmas getaway? We’ve got loads of the latest travel deals available so you have a once in a lifetime experience and spend Christmas in New York or enjoy some winter sun in Tenerife! Wherever you’re going this Christmas, make the most of our deals and book yours for less. Once you’re there, why not check out our TripAdvisor offers and make the very most of your Christmas holiday!

There's no reason why Christmas shopping should be as stressful as it sometimes seems. We are happy to help out with a whole bunch of suggestions. But it doesn't stop at great ideas, browse our page for all the great extra Christmas discounts you need, from the more traditional jewellery discounts to more extravagant options such as and automotive deal or home and garden offers. Whatever floats your boat, we want to make this your best Christmas yet, so leave all the stress behind and start shopping (and saving) without a care in the world.

Still searching for some inspiration? We've compiled a select number of shops that have some great Christmas promotions on with a huge range of items on offer. Whether you're surfing the web for the perfect gift or ticking off items on your own Christmas list, check these out and start placing those orders!

Check out our Christmas blog for even more tips and ideas on how to do Christmas 2021 right and why not get ready early for New Years by checking out our New Year's Resolutions blog!

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