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Singles' Day UK Sales

What is Singles Day?

The most millennial of festivities, Singles’ Day, only became a thing in the nineties, though it has since taken off like a restless swift! It will come as no surprise that the origins of this celebration are somewhat obscure, though legend has it that four friends, all bachelors, got together in Nanjing University in the 1990s to discuss what they should do about their romantic status. They came to the conclusion that they needed to do something, and though the next obvious step was to figure out what to do, that never became as important as when to do it.

It was in the answer to the latter question that the creators of Singles' Day found the secret to their success: they were four single men, four units, four 1s. And clear as the message in a Chinese fortune cookie, it dawned on them that whatever they did, they had to do it on 11 November. 11/11, that was the anointed day!

It took some time until Singles Day became the sort of commercial phenomenon it has come to be. Initially, the activities held on the day were directed towards creating awareness of the great proportion of single people, men in particular, there was in China. Singleness was often celebrated with the quest for a partner, even if it was a casual one. Courtship, however, is the perfect pretext for gift-giving, and even when it comes without a material token, dating usually entails paying for dinner, a movie, drinks, popcorn, whatever.

The commercial potential of Singles’ Day in China was always there, but it wasn’t until 2009 that Alibaba – China’s response to Google – tapped into this market. A grand total of 27 merchants took part of the inaugural Singles Day Alibaba promotion. Nevertheless, the outcome of this first event, with sales of more than 50 million yuan (approximately 5.5 million pounds) made it sufficiently encouraging for a second edition to be held in 2010, and a third, mega Singles Day celebration to be programmed for 2011. This was the only time this century when rather than four single 1s, the (western) calendar would turn, for one day only, to six consecutive 1s (11/11/11). Alibaba sales for Singles Day 2011 exceeded the 5 billion yuan mark, more than 100 times higher than the first year, ensuring that Alibaba would trademark the festival and promote it relentlessly from that point onwards.

Ten years later, in 2018, more than £20 billion changed hands in Singles Day Alibaba sales over the course of 24 hours, just to celebrate what seemingly overnight had become the biggest shopping day in the world – even bigger than Black Friday!

The Best Singles’ Day Deals

Nothing is more suggestive, more filled with potential and excitement, in short, nothing is sexier than being single. Finally, there's a festivity that highlights the beauty of singledom and we want you to celebrate it in style. That's why we have compiled this list of great Singles' Day voucher codes and discounts to help you make the most of this singular event! Take a peek into the art of seduction with our sexy Singles Day deals and dress the part with our varied clothing Singles Day offers!

Whether it's Singles' Day or any other day, one thing you cannot go without is shoes. Take a look at our selection of ASOS Singles Day sales and get yourself the pair of shoes you've been craving for. Combine comfort and style and be ready to impress with your brand new pair of boots. Moreover, on the website, you'll find a vast array of clothing and accessory items to spruce up your entire wardrobe.

Having said that, if what you need is a total redo, you might be best-suited profiting from the superb Groupon Singles Day promotions listed on this page. Mind-boggling discounts await for you to make the best of them. Visit a spa for hardly any money or get a tattoo done at cutback prices, shop for auto or home appliances or else get some fancy jewellery for a special occasion.

Turn Singles Day 2021 into a special occasion and take part in the biggest shopping extravaganza in the world.

Why not make it a romantic stay-in feast? With so many Marks and Spencers Singles Day shopping offers, you can turn your pad into a palace with little effort and hardly any expense at all. Since we know time is of the essence, and home cooking isn't quite as appealing as it sounds, we recommend you sift through the exquisite Iceland Singles Day discounts to get the best dining experience at the best price and with minimal effort – so full efficiency, really!

Why not add a bit of spice to the proceedings with a dose of fancy dressing? There's something unexplainably sexy about folk costumes, isn't there? If you're not sure what we're on about, invest some time going through the Alpenclassic Singles Day ecommerce catalogue to see what kind of a reaction you get with a well-hung pair of lederhosen and a snug dirndl. Make it a double-whammy with the right type of underwear and fence the innuendos of tradition with a bold, modern, liberating stance: that is why we have compiled this list of arousing Ann Summers Singles Day specials. And now we have come to the stage where real players stand out above mere pretenders, 'cause having set the table and talked the talked, you want to be equipped to set the house on fire once the time is right. So be prepared and shop with abandon for all the toys and fireworks you want and need – with these exciting Lovehoney Singles Day bargains, you're guaranteed to be left gagging for more.

Okay, perhaps we've taken this fantasy far enough by now, but you know what's the best thing about fantasies: you can shake them off in a moment, and there you are, by yourself, single and available once more to embark on your next dream. Like a long holiday on a distant, fabled shore, for instance. Sometimes, though, dreams do come true, which is why it might be worth taking a quick look at the Expedia Singles Day sales. After all, they specialise in making the impossible affordable!

Whatever your fancy, to get you through Singles Day 2021 in style, we have your back, so browse our selection of voucher codes and discounts and start saving!

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