Discount Codes for Winter Sales 2021

Discover the best deals and offers for the January Sales 2021!

Its the end of the year and the nights are stretching well into the day. It seems we can never catch a glimpse of daylight, not in the morning, not in the afternoon either. The rain is progressively giving way to the cold, and soon enough we won't even be able to tell the shape of anyone's bodies. It's true, it's not all doom and gloom: the spirit's festive with the holiday season approaching and the Christmas lights illuminating every corner. The smell of burnt chestnuts pervades everywhere, and no pub worth its name is short of a cacerole of mulled wine adorning the corner of the bar. Some people love this time of the year, others can't stand it. Even Christmas is a dividing holiday! After all, who doesn't know a Scrooge, always complaining and making everyone else's life miserable. But even if you dread the cold, long for the sunlight and hate Christmas, there is one thing you won't fail to appreciate: winter sales! 

When Do Winter Sales Start?

In England winter sales are usually referred to as January sales, even though there is no legal restriction as to when the winter sales should start. The name January sales likely comes from foreign latitudes such as France or Germany, where sales periods are restricted. In the UK and Ireland no restrictions apply, which is why the January sales really start long before. Establishing exactly when do the winter sales start in the UK is a rather complicated affair, for retailers will make the most of the Christmas run to bring their year to the black, with the final quarter commonly known as the 'golden quarter'. 

With the proliferation of commercial landmarks such as Singles Day and Black Friday, November has become a month full of bargains, although strictly speaking we should still be talking of autumn sales when we refer to them. With winter coming in earnest only around Christmas time identifying the start of the winter sales becomes easier. From the moment you’ve had your last bite of Christmas pudding, millions of shoppers get ready for the biggest month of savings of the year, And so, as one year approaches its end to give way to another, in the dying days of the calendar year, immediately after Boxing Day, that is when, paradoxically, the January Sales begin!

How Long Do the January Sales Last?

In the UK there is no legal limitation to how long the January sales can last. This is not the case everywhere else. In France, for instance, the winter sales aren't just restricted in terms of their duration, but the restrictions vary slightly according to the place: in Paris you can only offer special discounts during a period of four weeks, beginning on the first Wednesday of January, while in the rest of the country the start date is the same, but the January sales can last up to six weeks. In Germany, the legislation used to be even stricter, with only two weeks of sales allowed twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter (beginning on the first Monday of January), though over the last decade the laws governing the sales periods in Germany have relaxed substantially.

Luckily, in the UK we don't have to worry about that sort of thing. Whether you live in London or Birmingham, Derry, Aberdeen or somewhere out in Dorset, shops are allowed to have their winter sales for as long as they want. This January we expect the sales to be bigger than ever, so whether you’re looking for the latest games console, a fresh January wardrobe by following our shopping tips for winter sale, or just a treat for yourself, take advantage of our January offers and enjoy your shopping stress-free, with no Boxing Day opening hour restrictions!

What Should I Get in the Winter Sales?

This year, we want to give you everything you need for you to make the most of the best Boxing Day Sales and January deals, so this is our guide to the best online deals. Whilst shoppers queue outside the biggest high street stores for hours waiting for the shops to open, you can relax at home and make the most of our January discounts online with a glass of wine or a nice cup of tea. 

The best place to start your January sales shopping is at Amazon, the one stop shop for everything you need. We’ve got loads of superstore discount codes to get your year off to a flyer with some fantastic savings, whether it’s toys for your children, homeware, or jewellery, you can get it all for less with our January offers.

The Winter sales are the best time to pick up the latest technology, and with our Boxing Day discounts and January deals, you can save even more this time around. Whether it’s the latest tablet, or a new games console, maybe you want to take advantage of the TV sales - you can get it all for less. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of our electronics' deals and treat yourself or a loved one to one more festive gift in the January sales.

Give yourself something to look forward to, so you can get through those January blues that little bit easier, and make the most of our January offers from the biggest travel operators around! Why not make early arrangements for a magical holiday with one of our Walt Disney Travel Company deals? Whether you're thinking of just shuttling across the Channel to Paris or you plan to go across the Atlantic you could spend less on your next adventure. Wherever you're heading, you'd be well advised to arrange in advance for your transportation to and from the airport. Get your parking at the port or airport at a much better price with these Holiday Extras deals. Whatever it is you're after, there’s something for everyone with our travel deals.

It’s a new year, so why not give yourself a fresh look, with our clothing deals and health & beauty discounts! Make the most of the Beauty Expert January sale and treat yourself to your favourite cosmetics. Or you could get a shaving kit and aftershave combo at superb prices with the Mankind January salesLead the 2019 fashion trends and make the most of the Debenhams January sale. There’s no end to the savings you can make with our Boxing Day deals and January discounts.

Get involved in the football craze and show your colours proudly. Whether you are after the best Manchester City deals or you prefer the Manchester United January sales, we can help you make a saving on the latest sportswear and equipment with our January deals. Take advantage of a Fanatics discount code and get the latest equipment and clothing, with every sport from American football to baseball available. Who knows, after making fun of American sports for such a long time you might, in the end, become a major fan of the Raiders or join the Giants, be they the ones who call New York home or the ones who play their home games in San Francisco (albeit at a different sport!).

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